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art for a special cause

October 16, 2016

i’ve shared about plum print before–the super easy way to archive your kids artwork–but, now i wanted to share about plum print marketplace… specifically because alexa’s art is on display and for sale! the plum print marketplace enables artists, of all ages, to sell products featuring their unique creations. artists receive royalties to benefit a favorite charity, an education fund, a growing career, or even a toy wish list! sales from alexa’s art are benefiting the good+ foundation (formally baby buggy). check out her artwork below–and shop for a good cause! so proud of my little artist!


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sweet greetings

September 28, 2016

every since alexa and hayden could crawl/walk, they have always greeted me at the door when i get home from work. its always been the best feelings and one of my favorite parts of my day… now that they are “big kids” they are often busy playing games or they decide to hide so that i come and find them (which is super cute too). now rowie has taken the lead in the role as “mommy’s door greeter” and it is absolutely priceless to see him crawling fast as he can till i can sweep him up into my arms. Continue Reading…


#lifehack: chat books

August 29, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.10.27 PM
i felt compelled to share some love for chatbooks because it has recently become my favorite go-to gift for family these days. of all the photo book creation services out there that i have come across, i am pretty certain chatbooks is the easiest–and most affordable. i love that its simply an app that you download and it syncs to your instagram, facebook, cloud and iphone photos so you can easily pick the images you want to appear in the book. It’s that simple actually… pick the images, decide if you want a soft or hard cover and what you want the cover to say and you are done. the printing quality is great. i’ve made a book for nate, for the grandparents and for our nanny. they deliver the final printed books pretty fast too… i highly recommend this as a quick and easy gift–or as a way to print out all your digital photos and create your own library.

be sure to use this code to get your first book free–H76VFCW6!!


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August 27, 2016

2016.8.22&23-Old Navy-52769_1
the kids and i were at nate’s studio on friday so we decided to do a little impromptu photo session with rowie… he has a lot of energy these days so sitting still on set wasn’t going so well, but nate captured some pretty amazing pictures nonetheless. Continue Reading…

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say cheese!

August 23, 2016

my friend katie had a brilliant idea… she showed up to hayden’s birthday last year with two disposable cameras, one for alexa and one for hayden. the kids thought it was such a novelty to have their own littler cameras. somehow we forgot about the cameras for months and months and recently, nate developed the film. i am kind of obsessed with how the pictures turned out… Continue Reading…