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starting #backtoschool shopping early!

July 31, 2015

on alexa / sleeveless dress in multi swing dot / on hayden / rugby striped tee & patterned canvas shorts in camo.

someone pinch me. how did this time go by so fast! it was just a year ago that we started posting stories in collaboration with old navy (like this one here!) and the kids have changed so much. i think one of the things i love most about blogging is being able to look back and see the kids transition over time.

i’ve started my “back to school” ordering process already so i had the kids try a couple of their new looks on… this of course turned into a mini photo shoot in our apartment.







on alexa / sleeveless swing dress in white bird / on hayden / two pocket polo in sea squall / poplin shorts



all photography by nathan kraxberger

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just another manic saturday

July 29, 2015

(i just love these lovely photos that nate captured of the kids…)
it’s been awhile since i just wrote about your average day… and honestly, i would do it more often if i could find the time, but this past saturday is one of those “average days” that i felt especially compelled to share–or at least document so that i can always look back and laugh.

last week i was sick…totally my fault. alexa got a stomach bug and i let her sleep with me and then i picked it up. stomach bug + pregnant = not a good place to be. i pretty much slept/tossed and turned for two days straight. thankfully by saturday i was on the mend–even though i was in a grumpy mood from lack of good sleep and overall achey pregnancy issues. we had a pretty busy saturday planned. alexa and i were going to the upper westside to go to a really close friend’s birthday party–an all girls hair, makeup and nails extravaganza that alexa was super excited about. hayden and nate were going to spend the afternoon on bikes and then we were all going to meet up and go out to dinner. simple, right? well… here is how it all played out…  Continue Reading…

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dressing up the walls with minted

July 26, 2015

minted x ladyandprince
since we have moved into our apartment i have had one large empty wall that i could not decide what to do with. we already have a large gallery wall in the hallway, so i didn’t want to do that again, but choosing a piece of art is a lot of pressure–and by the way, choosing one photograph is even harder when you are married to a photographer.

thankfully, one of my favorite go-to resources–minted–saved the day. not too long ago minted launched an art marketplace where independent artists and photographers prints are available for purchase (framed or unframed). nate and i both ended up loving a print called “holiday from real” by julie hawkins, a colourist from canada. Continue Reading…

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organizing little masterpieces

July 21, 2015

art book 1
if you are a parent, then you know how much artwork gets brought home from school… we have artwork from alexa starting at 6 months old from her day care classes! on top of all the standard “school” art, we also have art made at home as well as art from art classes! i love all the art they bring home, but the problem is what to do with it all. living the apartment life means we like to keep things clean and uncluttered, especially since we don’t have a lot of room… even if we had a house i am not sure we would have anywhere to put all the art!

yes, i know, these are silly parent problems, but they are problems none-the-less. thankfully it seems that for almost any existing problem out there someone with an entrepreneurial mind and spirit has found a solution–hence my new obsession with plum print! plum print was started by two (super genius) moms in new york who clearly felt the same pain point i felt and turned the pain point into a solution–a really painless one too! Continue Reading…

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tis’ the season for roadtrips… and snacks!

July 13, 2015

Roadtrip lxp 1
after almost 10 years of living in new york city we have finally taken the leap into being nyc car owner… some people shudder at the thought of this–we once did! the truth is i was the one fighting for it, specifically during the summer months. as most of my readers know, i am a bit travel obsessed and the thought of being trapped in the city for 3 hot months seriously stresses me out.

as far as planning for road trips, i still treat them very much like planning for a trip on an airplane. it’s all about preparation–which means, its all about snacks and technology! Continue Reading…

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vintage summer style

June 30, 2015

on alexa: swiss dot cami and denim bermuda shorts (with a little of my DIY help distressing them!)
on hayden: california tee and plaid canvas shorts

we are out at the outer banks in north carolina for a HUGE family reunion, which i will eventually blog about, but in the meantime had to share some cute beachy and summery pictures of alexa and hayden. another little shout out to old navy because they have the cutest summer clothes for the kids right now. i love how these vintage-y feel of these pictures… kind of makes me think of the wonder years for some reason. stay tuned for a full recap of our napa trip and the beach trip when we are back from vacation!  Continue Reading…

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a special announcement…

June 23, 2015

ladyandprince 1
this is such a special moment for our family… we are so excited to announce that we are having baby #3! i am 5 months along now and we are thrilled to finally share the news. it has been a bit of a bumpy road till now, but we are excited and hopeful that all is well and that we will be giving birth to a beautiful new baby this coming november–can’t believe that we will be a family of 5! we will not be finding out what we are having… we love a good surprise and this is the best kind of surprise ever!

i’m super excited to start sharing more stories about this pregnancy and am already so excited to meet this little onez-and so are the kids!! they are convinced its a girl, we shall see! xx


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the first hike!

June 21, 2015

when nate and i first started dating we were pretty into hiking… he even proposed to me on a hiking trail! since we have lived in new york–and had kids–hiking has sadly fallen off our list of regular activities. this past memorial day weekend we were trying to figure out how to spend the day and we decided to take the kids on their first real hike! so, we packed some lunches, hopped in our zip car and headed out of the city… Continue Reading…