hello rider! #streetstylepup

1 it’s normally about the kids on lady & prince, but it’s about time rider–or rb as he is affectionately known–got a little action on the blog–i mean, he was my first “child.” a cool new brand reached out to me about doing a little feature with rider and i was so excited to take part in the fun. yark makes adorable collars, leashes and loungers for dogs… the parker lounger is just too adorable! i can appreciate someone bringing a brand to life in order to create something they wanted, but could never find–cute pet accessories. i am currently in that predicament because it is seemingly impossible to find a new SMALL dog bag for rider… maybe yark should jump on that! since i bring rider to work with me a lot these days (which you might have noticed on my instagram feed) it seemed appropriate to do a little shoot outside of trump tower on 5th avenue and 57th street.

1a i’m wearing one of my favorite oscar de la renta dresses (more affordable options here) from a couple years ago with ivanka trump carra heels and the tory burch square robinson satchel–which happens to be my day bag obsession as of late. one thing i love about that bag is how much it holds. if you can imagine–i had to go to an event one night and was somehow able to change into my evening dress and fit my work clothes into the bag… it’s kind of like a mary poppins bag–which pretty much rocks.

2 3 4photography by: emmy park for style pup


monday must haves: rocket packs! #backtoschool

Babiators 1
i remember when i first came across the brand babiators… i was looking for baby sunglasses for a trip to puerto rico when alexa was 6 weeks old and couldn’t help myself with the name “babiators.” so adorable. since then both kids have been wearing babiators shades… i think they have each had at least 3-5 pairs of shades. its amazing how hard it can be to find basic items that are cute and size appropriate. i find this to be true about backpacks as well. they all seem too big for their little frames… even the kid size ones. i adore the herschel supply company backpacks, but they are actually a little big on a toddler. babiators recently came out with the rocket pack and we now have a backpack love affair. it is the absolute perfect size for a toddler… plus its super durable, has lots of pockets and the kids love love LOVE them. the only problem we came across was that the kids couldn’t wait to use them when school started, i figured–why not break them in?

Babiators 2
alexa and hayden are rockin’ their rocket packs along with their classic babiator shades.

Babiators 3
rocketpacks en route: nyc –> atl –> nyc!

Babiators 4
be sure to check out babiators, and if you happen to shop, enter the promo “ladyandprince” at check out for 20% off!

i’m loading up on more back to school style stories and must haves… stay tuned! xx

bubbles & floaties

this summer nate picked up an underwater camera to experiment with and i think the results have been so precious. i imagine it will be even more fun to use when the kids are willing to swim with their heads underwater! the camera takes video footage too so i dabbled in a little imovie fun to bring it to life.






say cheeseburger!

the other day we took the kids out to our favorite manhattan haunts, arturo’s italian restaurant, and dropped by nate’s studio for a bit… so, of course we had to take some photos of the kids. the last time we did a studio shoot of them was last november (view post here–and get ready to die over hayden’s hair!!) they are so funny… wish you could hear their giggles as we took the photos!!


the piaget polo cup with st. regis

to say that last sunday was epic would be a massive understatement. over the years we are constantly amazed by some of the experiences we have had with the kids, but sunday really topped the chart. we were invited out by st. regis to the piaget hamptons polo cup held at the equuleus polo club. the event was to support and raise money for the robin hood foundation which supports new york families living in poverty. the event could not have been better planned–it was the ultimate day of family fun.

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 1 it doesn’t hurt that the day started off with a helicopter ride from manhattan to the event! the fact that hayden is obsessed with planes, helicopters and trains right now made this even more special. he was OVER THE MOON about getting on the helicopter!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 2 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 3wheels up guys!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 4have you ever seen happier and more excited faces! i mean… between being on board the helicopter and the fact that we could communicate via headsets it was just total happiness overload! gotta give a quick shout out to our friend megan and the adorbs mini tory burch bag that she gave alexa… how cute is her mini bag?!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 5

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 6oh yea… a #heliselfie

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 7 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 8the views over the city were nothing short of breathtaking. helps that nate was on board capturing these photos.

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 9a stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 10 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 11 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 12 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 13 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 14 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 16 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 17 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 19i kind of feel bad for the pilot who heard our kiddos chattering back and forth in total silliness over the headsets for 45 minutes! i mean… non. stop.

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 20after about 45 minutes we were ready to land in the hamptons. let me tell you, this sure beats sitting in hamptons traffic for 3 hours from manhattan!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 21after a quick ride from our landing spot we arrived at the event. the weather was just perfect and the grounds were spectacular.

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 22 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 23ok, i know i am partial, but can i just say that i think hayden has never looked so cute! i was dying!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 24 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 26 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 27 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 27a stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 28the activities for the kids were perfectly tailored by the st. regis team to their imaginative minds. alexa and hayden especially loved the #diy terrariums! i am going to have to try this project at home too.

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 29 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 30 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 31 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 32next up was their first pony rides! they were a little nervous at first, but they finally got up the nerve to jump up on tigger the pony!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 34

i know nacho figueres was the polo star there that day, as well as the face of ralph lauren’s black label, but i think the people at ralph lauren might be giving us a call once they see hayden on the horse! ;-)

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 35 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 36alexa was very reluctant to jump on the pony, but once she saw her little brother give it a try she was willing as well… she looks like a natural!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 37in the late afternoon it was time for the main event–the polo match!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 38 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 39young polo pros were on hand to teach the children how to play during half time, using child sized mallets and balls. so precious!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 40 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 41congrats to the team at st. regis and their big win!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 43 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 44after a seated argentinian style dinner (and an ice cream sundae bar!) and a little dancing on the lawn it was time to head home.

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 45 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 46 stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 47can you believe that is the view of coney island from above! so magical!

stregis x piaget polo x ladyandprince 48back in nyc with the skyline all lit up. i am pretty sure the kids will never forget what an amazing day this was… and neither will we. there is nothing better than an event that is curated in such a way that it highlights the art of play for adults and for kids. thank you st. regis for the ultimate family adventure… wouldn’t mind this becoming a family tradition!! xx!



over here at the ivanka trump headquarters we’re launching a new campaign on instagram and inviting our favorite shady ladies to join in on the fun. we have super cute sunnies that have been flying under the radar so we thought it would be fun to give them a little “social” love! it is funny because due to the luxury associated to ivanka trump’s name everyone thinks everything we sell is “very expensive” but its actually super affordable and that is part of ivanka’s philosophy on fashion. it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to look good. i still have a heart for luxury goods, but i love mixing in the highs and lows into my wardrobe.

check out the ivanka trump sunglasses collection and if you happen to pick up a pair join the social conversation with us! wherever you’re at, whatever you’re doing—snap a pic through your ivanka trump sunglasses and post it to instagram with the hashtag #ivankasunnies.


1. ombre sunglasses 2. tortoise shell sunglasses 3. tortoise shell sunglasses 4. aviator sunglasses


travel tuesdays: #hearharrypotter

harry 1
confession: i am a huge harry potter fan. i mean, major. i might have been reading harry potter books to alexa when she was just a baby… clearly in hopes that she will be as in love with the series as i am some day.

for some reason the girls in the office and i have had a lot of harry potter conversations over the last week and laughing over our obsession. they happen to be about 10ish years younger than me which makes my obsession even more hilarious since theirs is totally age appropriate. coincidentally i recently came across these old photos from a trip nate and i took to great britain in 2006. it was our first “backpacking” adventure and as luck would have it, the final harry potter book came out when we were in edingburgh, scotland–where jk rowling is from. and yes, i totally geeked out over this. thankfully i was blessed to marry a man who somehow miraculously fell in love with the stories as well–or at least the movies, that is!

we introduced the first two harry potter movies to the kids at was is probably a totally innappropriate age–don’t judge–but they love them. as an alternative to watching the ipad when traveling with the kids on little weekend road trips i thought it would be fun to introduce the audiobooks. i used to listen to the audiobooks of the later part of the series when i was in grad school and i was amazed by how incredible the voice of the narrator was and how it truly brought the books to life.

we are headed out to atlanta for the week tomorrow to visit family and friends and i thought this might be a great time to try the audiobooks out with the kids and join in on the #hearharrypotter campaign!

as part of the #hearharrypotter campaign, i’m offering one of my readers the chance to win a complimentary download of the first three harry potter audiobooks! just tweet at me with my handle (@ladyandprince) and the hashtag #hearharryypotter

all the harry potter audiobooks are available only through jk rowling’s the shops at pottermore.com (http://shop.pottermore.com).

ps. yes, that is me posing in front of platform 9 3/4 because that is what you do when you visit london! ;-)

pps. flashback to the days when i was a redhead!

harry 2

back-to-school, 1st edition: featuring mini boden

1. pointelle marl t-shirt 2. girls’ letter necklace 3. glittery graphic shirt 4. applique skirt 5. girls’ 7-pack underwear 6. heart patch pants 7. printed tea dress 8. babiators sunglasses 9. sporty high tops 10. patterned sweater 11. the sweater 12. babiators sunglasses 13. slim fit jeans 14. brushed tartan cargos 15. 5 pack boxers 16. suede desert boots 17. travel boy new york water bottle 18. colorful t-shirt

i can’t believe this is my first official back-to-school post… and not because i’m late to the game on posting this, but because it’s the first time both alexa and hayden are officially going to start preschool. i’m so excited for them… and so thankful we found a preschool that we are really excited about.

first things first… back-to-school shopping. this is clearly the fun part for me. while i am always on the hunt for cute finds for the kids, i’m normally the type of person that has a couple of brands that i love and i shop from them regularly. i am also almost exclusively an online shopper. i have gotten to the point where i get so overwhelmed in stores that i just quickly browse and then go home and make my purchases online! maybe its the new york in me, i’m not sure.

for this post i gathered up some of my recent purchases from mini boden (with a couple extras sprinkled in). i love mini boden’s playful but classic sensibility. fun bright colors with graphic treatments that look preschool chic not peel-off trashy (you know what i’m talking about). also, the quality is really amazing for the price. nice fabrics that you can immediately tell will handle some wear and tear.

since alexa is so picky i had her shop online with me for a change. best. idea. ever. its nice change when alexa likes everything that arrives… hayden is pretty easy to please all the time (for now at least).

happy back-to-school shopping!


tech + fashion ❤ #mondaymusthaves

2 vanesa rey x lp
if you follow on me on instagram you might have noticed a new accessory crush i have. for awhile i’ve been looking for a fun and easy way to tote around my iphone and my basic essentials (credit card, id and some cash) for date nights or just out for an afternoon with the kids. i wanted a way to simplify my life on the go in a way that wasn’t so high end i couldn’t afford it or so juvenile that it looked cheap… and carrying my phone in my back pocket was not the way. i recently discovered the brand vanesa rey. she designed exactly what i was looking for and at an affordable price. i’m kind of obsessed with my cross-body iphone case (which can also be a necklace!). the case works with the iphone 5 and the iphone 5s.

you want one don’t you?! here are some details to win a case for yourself!

since i loved it so much i thought it would be fun to do a little social campaign with vanesa! all you have to do is post an image on instagram based on the vanesa rey brand mantra #smartissexy along with our usernames @ladyandprince and @vavavanesa.  we will choose our favorite 3 images and those 3 winners will win a case! once the winner is chosen, we will send a direct message on instagram to everyone who entered into the contest to announce the winner and everyone who enters will receive a coupon code to receive 20% off their entire purchase on vanesarey.com! happy instagramming… and remember, #smartissexy!!

1 vanesa rey x lp

1_Joaillerie and Signature on White Retouched

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.46.14 PM

back-to-school #diy #PSxOldNavy

old navy x psimade this 18
i feel like i need to preface this post with the fact that i am not savvy at #DIY… in fact, i think these colloborations with the amazing team at old navy and ps i made this have really pushed me outside of my creative comfort zone! after the last round of #diy i did featuring some fun summer looks i thought i would take one more stab at some back-to-school #diy. since i am not super crafty and i don’t have a lot of time, i tried to keep things really simple and really focused on just adding a fun twist to some basic old navy pieces.

for alexa we started out with a long sleeved jersey dress, a bow tie cap, and some skinny jeans.

for hayden we started out with a white oxford shirt, poplin roll up pants and a denim shirt.

old navy x psimade this 2

old navy x psimade this 3
although alexa and hayden can’t do a lot of the #diy stuff because it is a little hard at their age, i let them pick out the materials they want and let them do elements of the design so they feel like they designed it too.

old navy x psimade this 4

old navy x psimade this 5

old navy x psimade this 6
hayden’s monkey, krabi, go in on the fun too.

old navy x psimade this 7
the hat was an easy one for alexa to help with, she helped me glue down the sequins and chose the colors of ribbon and puffy paint.

old navy x psimade this 8

old navy x psimade this 9
for alexa’s dress we decided to do some  iron on transfer letters and diamond details.

old navy x psimade this 10

old navy x psimade this 11
ironing isn’t something the kids see me do a lot of–ha! what a novelty!

old navy x psimade this 12
we felt like the dress needed one more pop of color so we added grosgrain ribbon as a waist detail. i love a good grosgrain ribbon… brings an element of fashion to a look. 


old navy x psimade this 13

old navy x psimade this 14
most of you wouldn’t know this, but hayden has a lot of nicknames… one of them being “h-master” … it seemed like the perfect name to put on the back of a denim top.

old navy x psimade this 15
for the jeans i really wanted to keep it simple and chic. i used the grosgrain as a belt and then added a couple little pops of color with puffy paint along the pockets.

old navy x psimade this 16
for hayden’s white collared shirt i added a stripe of color with a ribbon on the front and the back. i love a good white collared shirt on a boy (or man!) so i wanted to keep it simple but a little fun.

old navy x psimade this 17
for hayden’s poplin pants i thought it would be cooll to give them a distressed look so i cut a couple holes out along the legs and added a strip of fabric underneath with stitching glue. 

and now for the final product! i think they are pretty adorable and totally back-to-school ready, wouldn’t you agree?










(shoes on alexa: saltwater sandals / shoes on hayden: sperry top-sider shoes)




(shoes on alexa: vans kids / shoes on hayden: converse kids)





thanks old navy and ps i made this for putting together such a fun project! xx!