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#makemesses with the laundress

June 21, 2016

i’m a bit of a neat freak… which is kind of odd since i am a “create,” but i really don’t like a mess. i have a hard time letting go of that as a parent… i am always trying to contain the messes to corners in our apartment, but with three kids in one apartment in nyc, it is pretty hard.

the laundress approached me to collaborate with them on one of their initiatives and i was excited to jump on board, not only because its for a good cause, but also because i really love their products Continue Reading…

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ak turns six

May 8, 2016

i’m behind… i mean, WAY behind on posts. i think i am just in that stage of life where there isn’t a spare moment lately. anyway, i didn’t want to go without posting about ak’s sixth birthday party!

since alexa is such a great little artist we figured it was appropriate to have an art-inspired birthday party. we decided to have the party at this cute little spot in williamsburg called the painted cloud.
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April 7, 2016

i’ve been a huge history buff since i was a kid… my favorite classes (other than art of course) were always tied to history. i still remember my world history teacher in high school and my art history professor from college pretty much changed the course of my studies and therefore future. understanding where we came from is so important, even at a young age. while explaining the state of our nation and political atmosphere is not appropriate for our kids, sharing about the history of our country certainly is.
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big brother

April 3, 2016

hayden has always been such a warm hearted and charming boy… but hayden in “big brother” mode might be one of the cutest things i have ever seen. he is so wonderful with rowan. he always wants to hold him, feed him and entertain him. it is hard to believe hayden is going to be 5 this summer–where does the time go?! i started blogging when he was about to turn 1 year old. now he is all boy–full of energy, laughter and charm. he still smiles as much as he did when he was a baby… and still makes girls blush with his effortless flirty nature–we are in trouble with this kid and the ladies!

i still can’t figure out what rowan’s personality is going to be like… can’t wait to see these three kiddos in action playing together.


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the ultimate #lifehack: plum print

April 3, 2016

i blogged about this awhile back, but i felt compelled to write again about how amazing plum print books are.

the amount of art that children create is actually beyond what i thought was possible. seriously. i am not sure what my mom did with it all, having had four kids. she tells me that when i was young she covered the walls of our garage with all of our art. well. that is clearly not an option for an nyc parent. i have a big white box where i keep all the drawings the kids made because, for me, the back of our front door is pretty much the equivalent of “wallpapering our garage,” and as you can imagine it fills up quick.  Continue Reading…


cute as a button

April 2, 2016

a couple weeks ago alexa woke up after being asleep for a bit and told us her vision was blurry… that she was seeing double. she was looking a bit cross-eyed and we just thought was a fluke incident. it happened again a couple more times so we decided to take her to the eye doctor. i took her, never thinking that she would need glasses, but it turns out she did. i think i was more shocked than she was. she didn’t take to the idea very well at first, but then she came around a bit when i said she could pick any style out that she wanted.

we took her to a cute kids optical shop in greenwich village where there were a ton of options for her to choose from. she was such a great sport and had a very specific opinion about what she wanted. when i suggested some cute black hipster looking frames she quickly let me know that those were “mom” glasses. oy. my bad! :-) she ended up picking out these adorable cat-eye pink and purple frames with small little diamonds on the temples. she knew they were the best for her–and i have to agree. she looks adorable.

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first feeding

April 2, 2016

rowan takes the cake on the biggest baby in our family! i’m not quite sure how our little babes turn out to be in the 97th percentile across all categories, but they do. i am super thankful though because i suppose a little chunky is better than being afraid that he doesn’t eat enough! we just started feeding him baby oatmeal and some pureed veggies. i remember when alexa was 5 months old and we were given the green light to feed her, i was so excited until i started to feed her. seems simple to feed a baby but turns out that is not always the case. all alexa did was spit out the food and make faces. rowan, on the other hand, started eating as if it was all he ever knew to do. no mess, just mouth open and swallowed it down. hilariously cute.



we try our best to only feed the kids organic at home. rowan is on earth’s best organic sensitive formula, which we have loved so far. he just started eating happy baby oatmeal and earth’s best pureed veggies. earth’s best, happy baby products and stony field products have practically raised our family!

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iPad snuggles

February 29, 2016

it is hard to believe that rowan is this big already… it is even more so hard to believe that we have three kids. i know it has been over 3 months now, but i am still in disbelief when i look at the three of them cuddling together. Continue Reading…