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flashback friday: hayden

October 26, 2013

lady & prince – haydenafter doing a flashback friday of alexa last week i couldn’t wait to do one of hayden. the image archive we have of these two little munchkins is out of control. not only do i blog about them now, but we have had tumblr accounts for alexa and hayden since they were born… which pretty much means if they sneezed, giggled or threw a tantrum, it is probably documented on their tumblr pages. i look back through the images a lot so it is fun to dig up some of my favorites… hope you enjoy these special moments from hayden’s life so far. (image above: week one. chelsea 2011)

lady & prince – haydenvery serious. chelsea, 2011

lady & prince – haydenthanksgiving day. connecticut 2012

lady & prince – haydenno more slide! west village, 2011

lady & prince – haydenfirst birthday. chelsea, 2012

lady and prince
saturday morning. chelsea, 2011

lady & prince – hayden
a magic balloon. lower east side, 2012

lady & prince – haydenmama’s boy. union square park 20112

lady & prince – haydenhall pass. dumbo 2013

lady & prince – haydenchanneling frank. san rafael, france 2011

lady & prince – hayden
breton stripes & a little prince. theoule sur le mer, france 2012

lady & prince – haydenyou want to be a rockstar? west side highway, 2012

lady & prince – haydensay cheese hayden! saint tropez, france 2012

lady & prince – haydenthe countryside. woodstock, 2012



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