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our christmas tree

December 2, 2013

lady & prince christmas tree_1
i have always wanted to go to a christmas tree farm and chop down a tree… since our family was in town over the holidays it seemed like the perfect opportunity for this adventure. instead of shopping on black friday we all packed into a minivan and drove upstate to abel’s tree farm. my mom, my sister gaby and my brother john-henry came with us–the kids have loved having so much family around.

lady & prince christmas tree_01it was such a beautiful day, but it was absolutely freezing… snow on the ground freezing! my intention was to take family photos for our holiday cards, but it didn’t work out so well… we were still able to snag a bunch of cute pictures.

lady & prince christmas tree_2alexa finally moved on from her green patagonia jacket to a red one… i never knew a kid could love a certain kind of jacket so much. i guess hayden gets the green one now. (for those who have asked, she has worn a 3t from age 1.5-3.5 .. we just got her a 4t and it is a little big, but will probably fit for another year or two even.

lady & prince christmas tree_02

lady & prince christmas tree_3

lady & prince christmas tree_4alexa’s face says it all–she is not happy about this cold weather.

lady & prince christmas tree_5

the skirts: i’m sure you’ve noticed that alexa and i are wearing the same taffeta skirts… aren’t they so fun! my friend and super chic mama with a lovely blog, bel & beau, is the creator of these amazing skirts. i love the idea of these fancy skirts being designed to be dressed up or dressed down. i paired mine with a simple striped tee and booties from rag & bone. alexa has worn hers almost every day since she got it… i mean, it kind of is the perfect skirt for a little princess!

lady & prince christmas tree_6

lady & prince christmas tree_7

lady & prince christmas tree_8

lady & prince christmas tree_9

lady & prince christmas tree_10

lady & prince christmas tree_11
isn’t it funny that when you have so many options it is so difficult to make a decision… this is true in every kind of situation i guess. there were hills after hills of trees and there were so many options… each looking better than the last! also, it didn’t help that i tend to want the biggest tree possible and nate is constantly reasoning with me about how impractical that is for a new york apartment… blah blah blah ;-) eventually we compromised, made our choice and then nate got ready to chop down the tree.

lady & prince christmas tree_13

lady & prince christmas tree_14
way to chop down a tree natey!

lady & prince christmas tree_15
decorating the tree has never been as fun as it doing it with the kids. hayden is still young, but alexa loved it… of course all the ornaments she hung are about two feet from the floor!

lady & prince christmas tree_16



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  • Reply Nina December 3, 2013 at 12:58 am

    I’ve never had a real tree. Today I wrote about how people think I’m crazy

  • Reply Sierra December 3, 2013 at 2:06 am

    I lived a mile down the road from Abels as a teenager! I also know Alicia and Daniel from your post a few weeks ago and as I now live in Texas, its been so wonderful to see such familiar places! Beautiful post, jealous that I no longer have places like this to get a tree from ;)

    • Reply marissa December 3, 2013 at 3:42 am

      So fun, love how small a world it can be. Texas is beautiful too, but it is lucky to have access to lovely new york state tree farms :-) Happy holidays!

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