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a visit with santa claus

December 16, 2013

lady and prince santa clause 1
today was the big day–a morning visit with santa claus! this is our third year in a row going to see the santa at abc carpet & home–he is just magical. sorry macy’s, we tried you once and it was way too “commercial!” we made a date with our friends and their kids and headed out early this morning to stand in line. it helps to brave the chaos with friends and since both sets of kids may as well be siblings (they are BEST friends), it makes it even more fun.
(if you have followed our family for awhile, then you might recognize them from birthdays, play dates and more!)

lady and prince santa clause 2
thankfully we did not try to see santa yesterday when a snow storm hit the city… today was kind of a slushy mess, but totally manageable.

lady and prince santa clause 3
although the line at abc tends to wrap around the building, it is run very efficiently and we moved quickly through the line.

lady and prince santa clause 4

lady and prince santa clause 5
alexa was pretty excited about seeing santa… however we aren’t sure if it was because she was going to see him or because she knew he would give her a special lollipop.

lady and prince santa clause 6
well, for those of you who followed me on the oscar de la renta blog, george & ruby, then you might remember a similar expression from the little prince. hayden went nuts when we got close to santa… back arched, screaming and crying nuts. alexa just sat there and stared at him, clearly wondering: why are you ruining this perfectly wonderful moment ESPECIALLY since you have a lollipop?

lady and prince santa clause 7

lady and prince santa clause 8

lady and prince santa clause 9
alexa’s smile below says everything. she was one proud little lady. she got her lollipop, told santa what she wanted for christmas AND did it all with style and grace. later on she kept telling hayden not to be scared of santa because he was just different.

lady and prince santa clause 10
i had to take this opportunity to flash back to last year’s picture… sometimes a lot of things change, and sometimes things stay the same.

lady and prince santa clause 11



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