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February 12, 2014

BeautyCounter x Little Lady
ok, so i know that valentine’s day is on friday, but i totally caved this morning and gave alexa one of her presents early. not sure about all of you moms who have 3-4 year old daughters, but my daughter is obsessed with all things girly… and that extends beyond princesses (i know her tshirt is over the top–c’est la vie). alexa loves to borrow my makeup. i am not a huge fan of letting her wear my makeup because i don’t like the chemicals that she is putting on her skin (i guess i should avoid those products too but that would mean i might miss out on all the fun beauty products out there–i’ll take my chances for now). for a special valentine’s day treat i gave her this adorable little makeup kit from beauty counter called kidscounter shine. the kit comes with a bright lip gloss, a shimmery pearl powder and a glittery nail polish and all the items are 100% safe for kids.


when i gave it to her this morning she started squealing, “thank you mommy! now i can wear makeup like you!” she of course wanted to take matters into her own hands… i have to admit, for a 3 year old she isn’t too bad at doing her own nails!




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