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haven’s kitchen x lilla p.

February 4, 2014

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last week i attended the loveliest event hosted by the ladies of lilla p. at haven’s kitchen. it was really fun to meet new and amazing ladies in such a fun way–drinking wine, learning some cooking tips and then eating a delicious meal. haven’s kitchen is a recreational cooking school, specialty food shop, and event space. it is located in a cute little carriage house two blocks in chelsea. their business is dedicated to the preparation and enjoyment of delicious, sustainable, seasonal food. i learned so many new tips–like, the right way to slice an onion, how to filet a whole fish (which i admit i hope i never have to do), how to really clean salad greens, the proper way to salt your food and the importance of a vitamix! we helped with a little of the prep work and enjoyed some wine and laughs along the way.

after all the prep is done then the team at haven’s kitchen finishes up the cooking while your group sits down to enjoy an amazing meal. i hadn’t met most of the ladies in person and i always find it interesting to meet people when you have only known them through social media or email before. i guess that is one of the new ways of establishing friendships now. the brand lilla p. was started by pauline in 1998 in atlanta–which was such a fun coincidence. we realized we both went to the university of georgia–such a small world. she started with a small tee collection and now offers a full range of casual lifestyle clothing (i love her circle scarf and this super soft slub sweater).

along with photos from the night’s cooking festivities, i included some of our evening recipes in the post… i will definitely be making these again. the sunchokes are to die for! thanks again lilla p. and team! x!

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havens kitchen recipe 1

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havens kitchen recipe 2

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havens kitchen recipe 3

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