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our little super soccer star

March 20, 2014

soccer 1
as most of you know hayden and alexa are obsessed with bikes (thanks to their daddy… and their rad strider bikes)… you also know that alexa is our little ballerina. well, since hayden is 2.5 it seemed about time to get him into some sort of recreational sport. honestly, we are probably late to the game per new york city standards, but we say that we wanted him to focus on his bike riding skills without distraction–ha!

a friend of ours recommended the program super soccer stars so we signed hayden up for the spring season. his first class was last thursday morning and nate and i decided who would take him together for his first class. hayden was SO excited. normally we take both kids everywhere together so when they get to go somewhere by themselves with us it seems like a MAJOR deal (it was, obviously). hayden kept saying, “mama, i am such a big boy!”

soccer 2
part of the fun included carrying his own backpack full of snacks and his water bottle. nate sewed a disney cars “lightning mcqueen” patch on his sweet camo back pack so it makes it super special.

soccer 3

soccer 4we got to the gym a little early to give hayden the opportunity to watch the first class play… he looks a little concerned in these photos, but he was SO excited. he kept pointing and saying “soccer!”


soccer 4agame time hayden!!

soccer 5

soccer 6

soccer 7

soccer 8

soccer 9all in all, super soccer stars has so far been a huge hit for hayden. he has class tomorrow morning… i gotta go to work, but nate will be there so check out his instagram to see some pics!



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