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magic kingdom, part one

March 3, 2014

disney x lady and prince 1
i know i promised to blog every night while we were in disney, but i totally underestimated how exhausted i would be by the end of the day. we just got back to the city (to the depressingly frigid cold) and i am so exicted to recap our disney experience. i have to start by saying that it is hands down my favorite family vacation we have taken. i can’t believe i am saying this, but it might even beat out when we went to the south of france! it’s going to take a bunch of posts to do this trip any justice so get ready for a week long disney blitz on the blog… starting with part one of magic kingdom!

i’m so glad we set the stage for excitement with an evening at epcot before we tackled the magic kingdom head on. it was pretty amazing to be able to show alexa and hayden cinderella’s castle. i mean, its even impressive to an adult. i love that alexa made sure that there was a moat around the castle just as there is in the start of all the disney movies–she does not miss any details.

disney x lady and prince 2(i’m so in love with my little prince… i am hoping he will keep giving me these sweet kisses forever!)

it is so funny because you forget that magic kingdom is literally like someone just flipped a happy switch… it is just buzzing with energy and happiness. if you stand in the same place long enough you are bound to see a parade or a performance. even in a crowd it still makes me smile and a little giddy. we were just walking by the castle when a huge performance took place with almost every disney character imaginable. alexa was obviously the most excited about the princesses appearing at the end.

disney x lady and prince 3

our day started early with a tour of the be our guest restaurant (which i will write more about later)… and then we went to a 10am appointment at the bibbidi boppidi boutique–alexa was going to get a magical makeover (the castle package… and she had no idea what was in store)!

disney x lady and prince 4
when you check into the boutique you receive your card and wait for a fairy godmother to come and get you. there is a wardrobe full of princess dresses and accessories for the little girls to choose from. alexa is recently in love with belle (she says because they have the same hair… an obvious reason), so she chose a belle ball gown.
(on a side note, i do recommend doing this early in the day because if your daughter is like ours, seeing other princesses running around the park in dresses, make up and the full get-up is going to cause problems if she isn’t dressed up as well)

disney x lady and prince 5

disney x lady and prince 5a

disney x lady and prince 6

after a bit, a fairy godmother (aka hair stylist) calls for your princess to come back to the dressing rooms. this was actually one of my favorite parts. she walked alexa through the boutique and back to a purple curtain. the fairy godmother crouched down to alexa’s level and asked her if she could remember the magical words from cinderella–once they said the magical words together she pulled back the curtain to reveal alexa’s yellow gown and alexa lit up with the biggest smile i had ever seen. i think she really thought it was magic. we quickly got her dressed and when she looked in the mirror she was elated–as you can see in the photos!! she immediately peeked around the corner because she wanted to show daddy and hayden her dress.

disney x lady and prince 7

disney x lady and prince 8

next up was hair and make-up! this is where the story gets good. so, alexa has a very particular opinion about hair. she said that she wanted her hair up a little bit, but down in the back… like belle of course. her fairy godmother let her choose from a card full of different styles… all including an extra hairpiece. i think alexa didn’t fully understand what that meant (understandably). when the girls have their hair and makeup done they face them away from the mirror so that once they are complete there is a big reveal (after a bunch of fairy dust is sprinkled on her, of course).

disney x lady and prince 9
as alexa’s fairy godmother starts to add the hair piece i personally get a little nervous. i’m starting to worry that she may look a little “toddlers in tiaras” meets the “jersey shore,” but i go with it thinking it is what she wants. she first chose a blond hair piece and i did jump in there to say i thought she probably wanted brown instead. don’t judge–i mean, its our first time in disney and i want to take a lot of family pictures!! she loved the makeup part and chose sparkly blue nail polish for her nails. it is really cute because they let her keep her little makeup palette and a couple of nail polish colors as well.

disney x lady and prince 10

when it was time for the big reveal, well… it didn’t go so well. the photographer came over, her fairy godmother sprinkled the fairy dust… and then poof! a frown. oh. my. gosh. alexa looks at us and says quietly, “i don’t like it… i want my hair down.” as a mother i was kind of proud and mortified. as another testament to disney, her fairy godmother handled it with grace and said all that mattered was that the princess was happy… i kept apologizing but was appreciative that they were willing to find a solution. god love alexa for standing her ground. she wanted to be more natural and have her her down and instead of pouting all day or crying, she spoke her opinion. i was not only proud of her, but excited that she was going to look like my little princess again.

disney x lady and prince 11

disney x lady and prince 12

and here was the final outcome–doesn’t she look lovely! she was really happy and i was really happy that her fairy godmother and the team at the boutique were so gracious and accommodating!

disney x lady and prince 13
after your little princess is fully decked out, stop by the castle couture shop next door to get some photos. i had to mention this spot because i asked alexa where she wanted to go in between the boutique and lunch, and she wanted to go into a couture dress shop… of course she did. we are soooo in trouble! ha!

disney x lady and prince 14
next up was lunch at the crystal palace, just off of main street, for a delicious buffet and a meet and greet with the characters from winnie the pooh.

disney x lady and prince 26
i had heard that breakfast or lunch with the characters was a big deal for the kids… i had no idea how much they would really love it. they would pop out of their chairs the second they saw one of the characters–which, by the way, i had no idea they knew all the characters of winnie the pooh! we kinda loved it too!

disney x lady and prince 24
after lunch we took a stroll down main street. can you believe how beautiful the weather is? i mean, paradise!

disney x lady and prince 15

disney x lady and prince 16

disney x lady and prince 16a
at the very entrance to magic kingdowm is your first opportunity to meet the man himself, mickey mouse.

disney x lady and prince 17
this experience was so much cooler than i remember as a kid. it was always such a big deal to meet micky, but they have really taken it to a new level in magic kingdom. the two coolest things were that it was intimate and he spoke! alexa and hayden were both excited, but hayden was over the moon!

disney x lady and prince 18

disney x lady and prince 23

disney x lady and prince 19

disney x lady and prince 20

how precious is that?

disney x lady and prince 21
we obviously had to take the opportunity for a family photo op!

hard to believe this was only the first half of our day at magic kingdom… ahhh! sorry for the overshare, but i can’t help myself. stay tuned for an inside look on the new fantasy land tomorrow!

disney x lady and prince 22



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