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tips, tricks & our disney “hit list” (plus some vintage flashbacks)

March 8, 2014

this is my final post wrapping up our walt disney world extravaganza. for me it is always helpful to have lists when planning so i thought i would make some to share! i hope the tips, tricks and “hit list” are helpful! please feel free to write in the comments of the post if you have any questions!

LP Disney Tips
one other trick i thought i would mention relates to the “i want!” scenarios that you are bound to encounter… here is what we did and it worked. the kids will inevitably see many toys, treats, and more that they will want… alexa has a serious case of “i want” right now. whenever she saw something she wanted we would tell her that at the end of the day she will get to pick out one toy as long as she behaves all day. for some miraculous reason, that totally worked. (honestly, by the end of the day so much had happened that she normally forgot about anything she had wanted!)

also, one more tip: according to the people at disney, the best times of the year to go are september/october because most kids are in school. take advantage of the fact your little ones don’t “have” to be in school during the week… plus fall weather in orlando is great. another wonderful time to go is the first two weeks of december–you skip the thanksgiving rush and you avoid the christmas/new years rush. plus, what could be more magical than disney completely decorated for christmas?!

LP Disney Hit List
these are all the attractions/experiences that we did while we were in walt disney world. there are many more that i would add to the list that are preschool appropriate but it is hard to fit in everything so make your priority/wish list before arriving at the park and hit your main ones first. you could honestly spend an entire day in new fantasy land in magic kingdom!

as a final close i had to share these amazing flashbacks to my childhood and my trips to walt disney world. my mom sent these to me while we where there and they brought tears to my eyes.

ladyandprince 1my mom and i (age 2) in front of the castle.

ladyandprince 2

ladyandprince 3love this shot of my mom… she looks so beautiful. note the yellow balloon, they are still selling the SAME balloon at the parks… love that.

ladyandprince 3aWOAH. winnie has come a long way… no wonder i was scared of him as a kid. creepers!

ladyandprince 4i kind of look like hayden in the picture on the right…

ladyandprince 5how awesomely 80’s is this photo. not sure what is cooler, my mom’s legwarmers and acid washed jeans or my miami pink jean jacket with matching visor. classic.

ladyandprince 6yes, that is my brother with a bowl cut wearing a bmx sweatshirt and pants covered in printed deck of cards. i feel like saturday night life needs to use that look in a skit or something. so amazing.

ladyandprince 7

ladyandprince 8love my side pony here… i still love to rock a side pony these days (sans the bow of course).

ladyandprince 9years worth of memories… i know it is bittersweet for my mom to see these… we all grew up so fast it seems. i guess i will feel the same way looking back at these photos some day. so thankful my mom captured all of these moments (love you mama, xo).



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