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May 24, 2014

berkshires 1
yes, i know i have posted a lot about bikes lately… maybe its because its finally warm out. alexa and hayden could be out on their bikes everyday. we are spending memorial day weekend in the berkshires (thanks to the incredibly generous and loving o’brien family–thank you!!).

it is absolutely wonderful to be able to get out of the city for a bit. i completely understand why people choose to buy outside the city or rent a house for the summers… you almost need to in order to survive living in new york. it’s funny, i actually worked remotely today and i was more productive… less distractions–me and my cafe au lait while the kids played outside in the driveway. sounds so “regular suburbia” but its a bit of a novelty for this new york mama and i loved it. maybe someday we will get to the point where we can find a peaceful escape that we can regularly visit on the weekends, but until then i’ll count our blessings and be thankful for the friends we have that share their escapes with us.

berkshires 2

berkshires 3

berkshires 4
the novelty of a snail.

berkshires 6

berkshires 5

berkshires 7

berkshires 8

berkshires 9
we’ve been up to jiminy peak in the berkshires before, but for snowboarding… and it rocked. being up here for the beginning of summer is pretty awesome too. ski lifts are awesome anytime of year.

berkshires 10

berkshires 11


berkshires 13

berkshires 14berkshires 15

berkshires 16

berkshires 17

gotta love the simplicity and fun of puddles.

i feel like i should give a little shout out to strider bikes since i have posted so much bike stuff lately. also, the k-way rain jackets are another MAJOR favorite of ours. i mean, they are so adorable! also, alexa’s supergas in glitter gold, i mean, can i get a pair?



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