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July 17, 2014

hong kong x lady and prince
ok, so it took me bit to get back to finishing my posts on my incredible hong kong journey, but i couldn’t end it without posting some art, shopping and food highlights!

it’s funny… i wasn’t as excited about seeing/experiencing hong kong as i was about hanging out with my girlfriends and just “traveling” in general, but i have to say, i kind of fell in love with it. it is such a unique melting pot of culture. incredible food, majestic scenery… there is drama, charm, beauty and an unmistakable energy. i truly can’t wait to go back!

hong kong x ladyandprince 22
the 1600 pandas exhibit is sadly ending in hong kong tomorrow. it was hosted by pmq (orginally built in 1951 as the police married quarters), it is a non-profit social enterprise that strives to make hong kong a creative hub and space for creative entrepreneurs. this exhibition is a collaboration between the world wildlife federation (wwf) and french artist paulo grangeon, who has made 1,600 paper mache pandas–1,600 being the number of living pandas left in the world. the exibit is absolutely adorable, but more importantly it is raising awareness for a seriously endangered species.

hong kong x ladyandprince 21
what girls trip wouldn’t involve shopping? surprisingly we didn’t shop a lot, but we did spend our last day perusing the stores in central hong kong and here were some of our favorites:

woah – a super cool lifestyle concept store we stumbled upon and loved. from coll watches, refurbished vintage cameras to killer shoes, we all found something to buy in this cool little shop.
square street – an amazing array of products that are all designed and developed by the founders of the store (who happen to be from sweden) and they sell a very cool assortment of watches, shoes, bags, eyeglasses and leather goods. my favorite items they sold were their watches!
petite bazaar – although the girls don’t have kids, they humored me by popping into a couple of kids shops to shop for alexa and hayden. ironically in petite bazaar we all went crazy shopping for ourselves and friends! aside from the beautiful kids toys and clothes, they had a great assortment of chic bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings that begged to be brought home as souvenirs… we all did some serious damage in this store!
seed – i am really glad i didn’t stumble across this store till the end of the trip, i would have spent TOO much money here on the kids! they had the cutest kids clothes… think zara meets jcrew in a way… absolutely precious! they actually had a floor for women but i avoided it on purpose!

last but not least, let’s talk about food!

hong kong x ladyandprince 18
yard bird – korean fried cauliflower? um, yes please! i felt like we walked into a uber chic little lower east side restaurant when we visited yard bird for dinner. yardbird is a modern izakaya style restaurant that specializes in yakitori (skewered, grilled chicken). unique, delicious and filling… get ready for a treat!

hong kong x ladyandprince 19
cafe deadend and po’s atelier – i love a good coffee shop and baked goods… this was heaven. when we ordered two of the bread baskets the waitress looked at us a bit funny, but not only did we eat it all, but then we got cinnamon roles to go… i mean, when in hong kong right? everything in po’s atelier is baked from scratch and is french-japanese inspired–oolong tea bread, danishes, cinnamon roles and scones! don’t even think about carbs, just eat and then walk it off!

hong kong x ladyandprince 20
mama san – southeast asian dishes in a trendy balinese atmosphere? yes, please! perfect for our last dinner before we all headed home. the menu is large, but not intimidating. everything was delicious, but my favorite part was when the girls surprised me with an early birthday treat (creme brulee–my favorite!). a major plus to mama san is that it is in lkf so if you want a spot that eases you right into the vibrant nightlife and party scene this is it… its literally right out the door!

hope some of you feel inspired to visit hong kong one day… it really is incredible. if you need more tips, shoot me a note! xx!



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