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a juggling act

September 2, 2014

1 hayden at studio
this evening was one of those evenings where being two parents that work catches up with us. it wasn’t a big deal, but i had kinda banked on nate going to get groceries since he had a running errands/prepping for a shoot/dropping kids forms off at school kind of day… but when i got home and opened the fridge and saw close to nothing it immediately started a super fun conversation–one that of course was timed right alongside of making dinner and putting the kids to bed–oh the glorious witching hour. we proceeded to figure out our best plan… do i go for an evening run to whole foods and get a work out/run in? does nate jump on the subway, skip dinner and kids bedtimes… oh wait, we both still have some work to do once the kids go to bed. so, what if i go after our nanny arrives at 8:30 in the morning but before my 9:30 meeting. it got pretty hilarious. we still don’t have a solution beyond hoping the kids don’t mind some annie’s mac & cheese again! #parentfail

this silly juggling act that is parenting here in the city and anywhere for that matter reminded me of these cute pictures nate took of hayden last week when–again due to untimely scheduling of a sick kid and work–hayden hung out with daddy at his studio. the sweetest part was how excited hayden was to have some one-on-one daddy time… or maybe it was the lollipops. 

anyway… i guess i should go figure out our grocery situation! night night! xx

2 hayden at studio

3 hayden at studio

4 hayden at studio



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