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the witching hour. #BedtimeHacks

October 22, 2014

BedtimeHacks by Lady & Prince
i was talking with a mom at the kids’ school the other night and she was telling me how she is always scouring the internet looking for tricks with the kids… for travel, for bedtime, etc. she got me thinking… i should start posting some of our favorite #LifeHacks for raising kids. people are always asking me what our “secrets” are for raising kids in the city… how to juggle the busy life or work and family… the list is endless. i wish i thought we were always doing a great job, but i do know we are always trying really hard to improve and be the best parents we can be!

i thought i would start by sharing our current least favorite part of the day. sounds terrible to say it, but bedtime is rough! i mean, if it was as simple as teeth brushing, book reading and tucking them in then i would love it, but it is a drama filled event. it’s like they turn into wild monkeys between 7 and 8pm. our #BedtimeHacks are some of the tricks we have up our sleeves that have seemingly helped our process improve by a lot! hope they are helpful to you too! xx

oh, and here is our bedtime chart!

Evening Task Chart by Lady & Prince



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