a stroller love story

November 9, 2014

bugaboo bee ladyandprince
today we sold our stroller… doesn’t sound like a big deal, if anything it sounds pretty awesome that we were able to resell it, but it definitely made nate and i feel kinda sad and nostalgic. our bugaboo bee was our first big purchase as parents. most parents buy the big family car, we spent hours contemplating the perfect stroller. as any parent knows, there is no such thing as the perfect stroller, but we fell in love with the bugaboo bee.

i still remember the first day we took alexa to preschool, which was my first day back to work after maternity leave. i remember when hayden was a baby and we put the kickboard on the back of the stroller and strolled around the city with alexa standing on the back, hayden in the front–and rider in the bottom basket! you can imagine the stares we got… mostly people pointing down at rider because they couldn’t believe there was a dog in the stroller as well.

if we had a garage i think i would have held onto the bee… sounds silly, but it holds so many memories… if only it had recorded everywhere we went in the city… every park… every restaurant… every subway station we carried it in and out of. if only…

the days just fly by don’t they? here are some more moments from the past couple years with our little bugaboo bee.










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