November 17, 2014

today we launched a project on that we have been working on for quite some time–#womenwhowork.

months ago when we were working on the re-launch and strategy behind the ivanka trump brand i had thought it would be fun if we could launch and instagram series that highlighted women and how they were working at their lives…. wouldn’t it be fun if we all starting talking about this together? in the office we talked a lot about what it means to be a woman working today and the thing that we all agreed on over and over is that we aren’t defined by our jobs. while, yes, i am the vice president of creative at a brand, i am also a lot of other things and i work really hard at all those things… i am a mom, i am a wife, i am a blogger, i am a runner, i am an avid traveler, i am a tech junkie… we all have these lists that define who we are. this little idea became a big conversation and the big conversation developed into a big initiative for our brand.

a couple months ago we filmed 13 amazing and talented women who we felt were good representations of the kind of women we are talking about… we purposefully didn’t want celebrities to be the first ones that promoted the campaign because we wanted to show that this isn’t a hookits not a marketing campaignits just a conversation that we hope everyone will join in on.

so, we made it easy for everyone to jump on board… all you have to do is a do a little selfie video and post it to your social channels with your unofficial job title and your real job title… it might sound like the below video–or check out the videos from everyone on the ivanka trump team.

i hope you will jump on board and #joinconversation and tag some friends to join as well!!
(here is some sample copy to post: Here’s what didn’t make the business card. #WomenWhoWork What does work look like for you [tag friends & colleagues]? #IvankaTrump



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