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lighting the tree

December 15, 2014

its been a pretty hairy couple of weeks for me… you know how they say things happen in threes… well, you could say they happen in sixes for me this month. i won’t even get into the details, but its been rough! thankfully, among the hard days there are little beacons of light and one of those was getting our tree!

amongst the towering buildings in dumbo pops up a little tree farm in december with beautiful tall and lush trees from vermont! so magical, right? this is the most convenient tree shopping experience hands down! i mean, grab a tree, a wreath and a bottle of vermont maple syrup and cross the street to our place–yes please!





hayden gets to put the star on the tree this year!


since alexa let hayden put the star on the tree this year she got to turn on the light! i’ve noticed that in debating who gets to do what she has started to get very strategic. you could tell she knew turning on the light would be the coolest part… sorry hayden, but you are in trouble with this smarty pants big sis!

happy holidays everyone! xo



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