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did you lyst that?

February 18, 2015

where do you keep your fashion wish list? mine is normally in my head, but i have recently fallen for… its like pinterest, but for fashion.

the thing i love about lyst is that it also allows me to track if things i am dreaming of buying are on sale. from j.crew to prada, its nice to keep everything in one place! above and below are some of the items on my wish lyst, check the whole lyst out here!

at the moment you can buy some things directly from lyst, the other items send you to the site where they are sold. i believe by the end of the year you will be able to buy everything from lyst.

you can save your favorite pieces stores like asos, net-a-porter and saks all in the one place and then when an item you like goes on sale or comes back in stock (from any retailer), lyst will let you know!

it is nice not to need multiple wish lists across multiple e-commerce sites–they are all in one place.

i bought the isabel marant blazer, grey knee-length isabel marant dress and a balmain short dress that i plan to wear AS SOON as its warm again!!




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