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one of my favorite “mom” memories…

May 12, 2015

i know mother’s day has passed, but i had to share this amazing illustration done by martha napier of marnani design for old navy. she illustrated one of my favorite memories as a mom.

it’s hard to choose a favorite memory… i was telling nate that i feel so blessed because we have so many great memories that it was hard to think of just one. i decided to choose a memory that was really special to me because it was, in a way, a fusion of the old me and the new “mom” version of me. i’ve written about it before, but a moment in time that i cherish is when we took alexa to paris when she was 3 months old. i am so passionate about travel and adventure and was determined to make that a part of our parenting journey. taking a trip with a 3 month old to paris (plus a pit stop in belgium) officially checked that off the list. we didn’t have a lot of money at the time so we stayed way off the beaten path in a 3 story walk up with a lofted bed so to say it was an adventure is an understatement. we walked the streets of paris with alexa in a sling or in her snap n’ go. we took her to the tuilleries, to the tour eiffel, to sacre coeur, to notre dame and to the last stage of the tour de france. it was magical and a memory that i will forever be thankful for.

thanksold navy and martha napier for this beautiful illustration to remind me of this special moment in time.



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