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just another manic saturday

July 29, 2015

(i just love these lovely photos that nate captured of the kids…)
it’s been awhile since i just wrote about your average day… and honestly, i would do it more often if i could find the time, but this past saturday is one of those “average days” that i felt especially compelled to share–or at least document so that i can always look back and laugh.

last week i was sick…totally my fault. alexa got a stomach bug and i let her sleep with me and then i picked it up. stomach bug + pregnant = not a good place to be. i pretty much slept/tossed and turned for two days straight. thankfully by saturday i was on the mend–even though i was in a grumpy mood from lack of good sleep and overall achey pregnancy issues. we had a pretty busy saturday planned. alexa and i were going to the upper westside to go to a really close friend’s birthday party–an all girls hair, makeup and nails extravaganza that alexa was super excited about. hayden and nate were going to spend the afternoon on bikes and then we were all going to meet up and go out to dinner. simple, right? well… here is how it all played out… 


i ran to the store first thing in the morning to grab some essentials and when i walked through the door nate was pacing with his hand wrapped in paper towel and saying he had to go to the ER right now. apparently he had been cleaning some glasses in the sink and the glass broke and sliced his hand open pretty bad. i am not exaggerating about pretty bad… nate is the type of guy that takes some SERIOUS convincing to go to the doc or the hospital for that matter. this was serious. great.


it is 11am, nate heads out to the ER and i get the kids ready to go to the upper westside. thankfully our friends didn’t mind i would have hayden tagging along even though it was an “Exclusive” girls-only party. i will insert here that one of my least favorite things to do on the weekend is go uptown. mostly because no matter what there are train issues to and from brooklyn on the weekends. as luck would have it, there were issues this weekend as well. i actually did check to make sure everything was running before we left, but regardless, when we got to the station there were no uptown trains. SO–we took a train further into brooklyn, transferred and headed into the city. no big deal right? well… the thing is, the train was running really REALLY slow. the other thing was that we had to make it up to 72nd street and hayden happened to look at me at about 34th and said he needed to go potty. great. hayden is really good at holding it normally, i am super thankful that i we have hardly ever had any accidents with either of our kids. i looked at him and said i knew he could make it, that we were almost there. on a normal day we would have been, but unfortunately around 50th street the train stopped underground and wasn’t moving. hayden then started to cry… actually wail. i felt so bad i just looked at him and said, you know what, just go ahead and go potty. so… he did… all over. (for anyone out who is quick to judge, you should know 2 things: 1) there are no bathrooms on subways and rarely any in the stations. 2) i am not moving at a super fast pace these days and should we have tried to get out at a stop earlier there was no guarantee he would have made it or that i would have found a quick place to take him.) i definitely got some crazy looks on the train, but seriously, i didn’t know what to do. we finally got to the party uptown–30 minutes late and totally frazzled. i dropped alexa at the party and found a nearby clothing store where hayden helped pick out his new clothes–he had apparently had to go so badly that he fully soaked every item of clothing he was wearing, even his sneakers!


after the girly festivities, the party ended at sugar and plumm, a darling little restaurant known for its delicious treats for kids. all was going great now… kids had ice cream and were super happy. hayden had his new duds that he was totally proud of and i had a delicious iced coffee and mom friends to chat with. well, all was great until alexa managed to also have a small accident. “HOW?” is all I could say to myself. since she has been potty trained i can count on one hand how many accidents she has had. thankfully it wasn’t so bad, but this was really turning out to be a comedy of errors.


after the party, we stopped at a playground the kids spotted and begged to go to. at that point i knew nate was heading home after getting 13 STITCHES in his hand and he needed some quiet time to rest so i decided to keep them out. we had only been at the playground for 30 minutes before hayden fell and cracked his lip open. my first reaction was shock of course–as it is every time he gets hurt–but after that i kind of started laughing. i mean, its comical right? how many little things can go wrong? he ended up being totally fine… just another cut to add to the list of “playground casualties.”


after the last playground incident we went out and got pizza with a friend and then took a taxi home–no more subways for me. all in all, we survived the day… or so it seemed. that night, after the kids went to bed my foot started hurting. i didn’t really think anything of it, just thought it had been a long day. on sunday, however, my left foot was all cramped up. i could not figure out what was going on. well, this issue continued from sunday till today… not only did it continue, but it got 10x worse. the cramping managed to go up my entire leg. it was so bad that i had to go and see a podiatrist today. it turns out that after so much walking on saturday in my sandals that were apparently not supportive, i ended up spraining my foot. all the heat and belly weight apparently was more than my foot could handle. SERIOUSLY?!

so, now i have all these stretches to do, icing my foot, drinking more water, etc. etc. oh yea, and i have to wear tennis shoes to work–actually, specifically new balance. apparently my suggestion of cool nikes, vans or converse were not appropriate “podiatrist-friendly” shoes. when she saw my cute black lizard flats he shook her head and said no more of those. so clearly i took that to heart today and did a little shoe shopping. i guess ending all this drama in a little retail therapy and just minor foot drama isn’t so bad.

all in all, i know none of these things are a big deal, ultimately all that matters is that we are all healthy and safe… but every now and then you have to vent! living in nyc and raising kids sure offers up a lot of love/hate moments… love to look back on and hate to be in that moment!

i still am SO behind on some other blog posts, more fun stories to come! xx




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