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welcome to the world rowan…

December 20, 2015

i finally found enough time to do a post about our newest addition to our family–rowan henry kraxberger. i can’t believe he is already 1 month old. (we took the photo above when he was 2 weeks). rowan was born on november 21st at 5:45 in the morning. he was 9 lbs 12 oz and 21.5 inches long–same exact weight and size as hayden was when he was born. we had the name rowan since the beginning and henry is after my brother, john-henry velez or better known in our family as tio henry.

rowan was 10 days late and i was really at my limit by the time he finally decided to join us! everyone kept asking “where was the baby?” … or saying, “wow, your belly hasn’t dropped yet” … for the record, no over due pregnant woman likes either of those questions! i pretty much hid out in my apartment just to avoid questions the week before he was born. people couldn’t understand why i didn’t want to be induced, but i am a huge advocate of zero medical interaction unless necessary. years ago nate worked on the film the business of being born and it literally changed my life and my thoughts on having a baby. i knew that i wanted to do all i could to have my babies naturally and without drugs. i am thankful to say that 3 babies later, i had them all naturally–vaginally and with no epidural! that said, i could never have done it without a doula!

the day before rowan was born my doula (london king) came over to give me a pep talk and some tips–because all the standard tips weren’t working… walking, spicy foods, sex, pineapples… nothing worked! she gave me a massage and some essential oils to pour into a bath that evening. she also gave me two tips: 1) eat eggplant and 2) eat red hots. that day i must have eaten 100 red hots and i googled an eggplant recipe that is supposed to induce labor–recipe here. that evening i made the eggplant parm and then took a long bath in the oils. at 3:45am i woke up in labor–and i mean in hard core labor.

our friend willa came over to stay with the kids–hilariously enough we couldn’t get through to any of our “people on call”–of course! so thankfully our friend willa answered her phone at 4am–she was at our apartment at 4:15, we got to the hospital at 4:45, our doula–london–got there at 5:15 and rowan was born at 5:45! it was nuts! i literally thought i was going to have him in the taxi can on the way to nyu!

after rowan was born i felt amazing–the adrenaline was pumping through me and i was not only overjoyed but so overwhelmingly in love with our new little prince. while we didn’t know it was a boy, i wasn’t too surprised to find out it was.

london captured the above photo and the four below and i love them so much. such an intimate memory of complete joy… i especially adore the one of nate and i because we rarely have these moments captured between us and i am so thankful london got these shot.





such a proud daddy.


this is london and i–she was wonderful. even though my labor was short, it was super intense and the most intense pain imaginable. i have mad respect for women who labor for hours on end–i would lose my mind!



our little sleeping prince.


norma brought the kids to meet their new little brother after they got out of school–they were so excited.


this moment was so priceless. they were so thrilled–even alexa! i was so worried because she kept saying she wouldn’t love a boy! eek! but she was head over heels for him from the moment she saw him.


in the above image i was telling hayden–”can you believe you have a little brother?” … hayden said, “yea, i know! i told you so!” – ha!




i don’t think my heart has ever been so full.



our first moments at home and the kids just wanted to snuggle with their new little brother… i felt the same way.


big brother and little brother… hayden is already watching over him



this is rowan’s changing table and his wall of love notes that continues to grow every day.



the first bath.



rowan’s first photo shoot… no matter what we did we couldn’t get him to look at the camera!



i can’t believe we are a family of five, but more importantly i can’t imagine our life without him already. so in love…



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