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February 29, 2016

it is hard to believe that rowan is this big already… it is even more so hard to believe that we have three kids. i know it has been over 3 months now, but i am still in disbelief when i look at the three of them cuddling together.

i haven’t had much time to blog lately… its been a bit crazy. for those who don’t follow me on social you may have missed that i started a new job last fall, right before rowan was born, at rag & bone as the vp of creative. i love my job and can’t imagine a more amazing brand to work for, but life with three and a new job has been a bit nuts. i’m always rushing… always. the other night i literally was running from the office and while crossing 9th avenue i tripped on the cobblestones while crossing the street–i fell in a full on face plant. chic, right? my knee is still bruised! all that and i probably shaved less than 5 minutes off of my commute! anyway, point being that if i blog once a week i am doing pretty good right now. eventually i will find a better balance, but for now, here is another little snippet of imagery captured by nate of our little cuties.



believe it or not, that ipad/ipad holder is over 4 years old. i am pretty sure that there is no better testament to how good the iguy ipad holder is… or how well behaved our children are :-) let’s see how it holds up against our newest little guy.

one of the first blog posts i ever wrote was when i was blogging as george & ruby (on behalf of osoar de la rents children’s) was called iPad yoga… check out the image below… little alexa was too cute!




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