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first feeding

April 2, 2016

rowan takes the cake on the biggest baby in our family! i’m not quite sure how our little babes turn out to be in the 97th percentile across all categories, but they do. i am super thankful though because i suppose a little chunky is better than being afraid that he doesn’t eat enough! we just started feeding him baby oatmeal and some pureed veggies. i remember when alexa was 5 months old and we were given the green light to feed her, i was so excited until i started to feed her. seems simple to feed a baby but turns out that is not always the case. all alexa did was spit out the food and make faces. rowan, on the other hand, started eating as if it was all he ever knew to do. no mess, just mouth open and swallowed it down. hilariously cute.



we try our best to only feed the kids organic at home. rowan is on earth’s best organic sensitive formula, which we have loved so far. he just started eating happy baby oatmeal and earth’s best pureed veggies. earth’s best, happy baby products and stony field products have practically raised our family!



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