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the ultimate #lifehack: plum print

April 3, 2016

i blogged about this awhile back, but i felt compelled to write again about how amazing plum print books are.

the amount of art that children create is actually beyond what i thought was possible. seriously. i am not sure what my mom did with it all, having had four kids. she tells me that when i was young she covered the walls of our garage with all of our art. well. that is clearly not an option for an nyc parent. i have a big white box where i keep all the drawings the kids made because, for me, the back of our front door is pretty much the equivalent of “wallpapering our garage,” and as you can imagine it fills up quick. 


i made a plum print book about a year ago and just made another one again because my “art box” was overflowing. the process is super easy. you order a plum print box, fill it with all the art you want and send it off. plum print then scans all the art and turns it into a book. they send you a pdf to view first to make sure it is just as you want and then, voila, all done! they will send you back all the art with the final book if you like… we didn’t do that because i have no where to house all the art :-)


the kids love looking through their little masterpieces… pointing out who drew what, when it was made and sometimes checking to see how much their hands have grown since they made their pieces.




another amazing aspect of plum print is that they offer more than books… you can make throw pillows to decorate a bed or couch, notecards to send thank-yous from a birthday party, a shower curtain to decorate Grandma’s guest bathroom, etc. all with kids art.


hope you enjoy plum print as much as we have! also, be sure to check out the story about the two mamas that started it!



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