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August 11, 2016

now that alexa and hayden are older our cute little “art table” doesn’t quite cut it anymore. i replaced it with a desk system–it really felt like the passing of an era. especially as the kids are starting school now and since alexa will be in first grade i have feeling homework is in our future! (at least i am not saying good bye to the little art table, i am saving it for rowan now!)

after much deliberating on the right desk system (and many hours on pinterest) i ended up choosing an industrial wall desk unit for the kids from restoration hardware. i absolutely love it and so do they. it fits into our home decor perfectly and it creates the perfect amount of space for the kids. there is even enough room for rowan to eventually sit in the middle. i had considered having something custom made, but it was just too much trouble. given that we are in an apartment, the desk is set up in between our living area and kitchen, but i actually love that as well because they are seamlessly woven into a part of the living space.

i decorated the shelves with books, knick knacks and lots of art supplies, but some of the key items that brought the desk to life are shown below.

industrial double pipe desk with shelving // mini vintage toledo stools // metal lazy susan (i got one for each of the kids) // magnetic stanton wall system // industrial era task lamp // acrylic surface mat for the desks // savor back to school system

the savor system featured above and below is a new favorite of mine. it solves a problem in the same way that plum print does… it allows you to save the endless drawings and memories the kids create in a clean and organized way. the savor system has acid-free drawers, illustrated labels, vertical files, and even mini envelopes to keep what matters most. savor makes saving and preserving family memories easy. (check out the back to school system below)


hopefully this post will help another busy mama out… lord knows i could use the hours back that i spent trying to find the right desk! ahhh! happy back to school planning! xx



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