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h master turns 5

August 1, 2016

summer birthdays are normally such a bust… this coming from a gal who was born on july 1st! i was always so jealous of the kids who had their birthdays during the school year and got cupcakes and balloons delivered to their classrooms! clearly, i have some leftover birthday envy. anyway, since hayden has to suffer the summer birthday blues i wanted to try to make this 5th birthday as special as i could. i figured a good start would be a star wars themed party!


i admittedly spent a lot of hours on pinterest trying to figure out just the right details to make it special. i made special cards as decoration for the food, here was the special treats list:

edible ewoks = teddy grahams
wookie water = kid size water bottles (i made labels for the bottles that said “_____, i am your water”)
princess lays = lays potato chips
lightsaber pretzels = pretzels dipped in red, green and blue chocolate
vader veggies = a vegetable platter
a “jedi masters only” bucket of beers and wine
and lastly, the MILLENIUM FALCON cake!

1probably my biggest achievement was the cake! i’ve been practicing my baking skills for the past couple years for the kids birthdays… rapunzel being my best cake up until now! i am pretty proud of my millenium falcon. (tips at the end of the post!)

we had the party at recess dumbo–a great play space in the neighborhood for kids… they made it super easy and fun.






L1030497i got hayden a kylo ren costume and the kylo ren lightsaber for his special day.





L1030535 4



i think the party was pretty much a success…. hayden was happy, and that is what mattered to me! (i do wish we had taken better photos, but 3 kids and hosting a party was about the max i could handle so mostly iphone photos will have to do!)
here are the tips on how i made the cake!

i searched for a lot of different ways to make the cake, but for the most part all were created with fondant, which i am not skilled at. i ended up finding an image on pinterest that helped give me some guidance. i pretty much bought everything on amazon… i used 1 rectangle pan and 1 circle pan, 2 boxes of vanilla cake mix, a big tub of vanilla icing, food coloring kit and my icing kit. i used black and red licorice to create some of the details on the ship and i borrowed the satellite looking dish from the top of hayden’s toy millenium falcon to add the finishing touch. i was pretty proud of how it turned out!



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