#lifehack: chat books

August 29, 2016

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i felt compelled to share some love for chatbooks because it has recently become my favorite go-to gift for family these days. of all the photo book creation services out there that i have come across, i am pretty certain chatbooks is the easiest–and most affordable. i love that its simply an app that you download and it syncs to your instagram, facebook, cloud and iphone photos so you can easily pick the images you want to appear in the book. It’s that simple actually… pick the images, decide if you want a soft or hard cover and what you want the cover to say and you are done. the printing quality is great. i’ve made a book for nate, for the grandparents and for our nanny. they deliver the final printed books pretty fast too… i highly recommend this as a quick and easy gift–or as a way to print out all your digital photos and create your own library.

be sure to use this code to get your first book free–H76VFCW6!!




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