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August 17, 2016

i recently started using some new diapers for rowan and i am pretty in love with them. i am normally pretty skeptical with new products for kids/babies as i have so many favorites that i swear by, but parasol diapers has won me over.

we have used honest co. diapers for years, but i am surprised to admit i like these better. (also, honest co. is great if you don’t have to change anything or cancel your bundles… god help you if you do, it takes a least a couple of emails and phone calls to make it happen!)

the diapers and wipes box/bundles are roughly the same price as honest co. since i had some honest co. diapers when i received my parasol ones i was able to do a true test. i even had some pampers overnights to add into the comparison test. while pampers overnight diapers definitely are packed with the power to withstand a full diaper, i’m not sold on them being safe for babies. regardless, i found that parsol diapers stood up to the test against pampers and actually beat out honest co. parasol diapers are eco friendly, super absorbent, super soft and beautifully designed. the parasol diapers are hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, lotion-free and latex-free. the launch collection features painterly art from the artist ashley goldberg. overall, the parasol branding is amazing–so chic and beautifully done.

if you try out parasol diapers get 20% off with this promo code: LADYANDPRINCE


besides the cute designs, one of the best parts of the diapers i think is how soft they are. i totally get why they call it disposable underwear for babies.

i’ll be posting regularly about parasol because i’m partnering up with them as one of their brand ambassadors, stay tuned for more cute posts!

rowan’s thighs have been his trademark so far… couldn’t help but share this photo!


if you try out parasol diapers get 20% off with this promo code: LADYANDPRINCE



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