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September 7, 2016

can’t believe summer is over–officially! not sure i am quite ready for 2 out of 3 of my kids to be in elementary school–crazy! hayden starts kindergarten tomorrow and alexa starts first grade!!

i’m so anxious… mostly for alexa. she gets super anxious and worries a lot. worries that she is too shy… that there won’t be any girls to be friends with… that there will be too many boys! :) hayden isn’t bothered at all… he is so easy going about that kind of stuff. alexa, not so much. nate doesn’t get too fussed by any of it either, but here i am, the night before and a bit of a nervous wreck. that layered on top of fashion week is a lot to deal with in one week, but c’est la vie. at least i like the school and love my job, so that helps keep me balanced and in perspective a bit. hoping and praying that tomorrow goes smoothly with the kiddos! rowie is going to be so lonely at home!


these last pictures of summer are some nate snapped on a pool day last weekend in atlanta when we were visiting family. the colors are so pretty.

i’ll be posting about the time we spent with our families soon, but wanted to share these now since they felt like a nice closing chapter to a pretty epic summer! fall 2016 is officially here! xx











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