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sweet greetings

September 28, 2016

every since alexa and hayden could crawl/walk, they have always greeted me at the door when i get home from work. its always been the best feelings and one of my favorite parts of my day… now that they are “big kids” they are often busy playing games or they decide to hide so that i come and find them (which is super cute too). now rowie has taken the lead in the role as “mommy’s door greeter” and it is absolutely priceless to see him crawling fast as he can till i can sweep him up into my arms.

lately i have been getting home from work a bit later than i would like… its just that time of year when i’m in ad campaign planning mode… budgets are due, etc. there definitely isn’t enough time in the day. the sucky aspect is that i get home in time to put them to bed…. ugh. i guess such is life at this moment… still making the best of it i suppose.

needless to say that as soon as i get home all i want to do is sit and play and chase around this little love bug–with a glass a wine in hand of course.


how cute is rowie in his parasol diapers with his chunky little legs. seriously cannot get enough.


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