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life on the farm, part 1

October 18, 2016

a couple weeks ago we went in a special getaway trip with the kids and some friends. my friend lora had told us about this cool camping trip that she and her family took on a farm last spring and it sounded enchanting so we wanted to try it out too. we booked a weekend at stonycreek farmstead with them for the fall.
a couple days before we were supposed to leave for the farm i started to panic. camping with 3 kids seemed like more of an undertaking than i had planned for. it’s not because i don’t like camping… nate and i have camped many times, but this was the first time with kids. fine, i knew we had a bed and it was more like “glamping,” but we wouldn’t have power, cell service, or showers and that seemed pretty hard core to me!

the cool thing about this farm is that the camping is done in what they call, “platform tents.” these tents have a wooden floor, a kitchen with a working sink (cold, not hot water), a working toilet, a wood burning stove, a cabinet bed for the kids, a set of bunk beds and a separate room with king size bed.


the night we arrived we all gathered around near the fire pit and roasted s’more… it couldn’t have been more perfect.



besides the fact that it was super chilly, waking up in the tent was pretty charming. there was a trickling creek close by and it was so lovely to breathe in fresh mountain air.


don’t judge the ipad tucked away in the corner of this picture! i admit that the first 12 hours were a bit of an adjustment for us. i didn’t really want rowan crawling around the wooden floor near the stove so i had to keep him entertained while i got the kids off and ready to play. i think it will be a bit easier when rowie is walking… i think at least!


after waking up i waled down to the farm store to collect eggs for and pick up a warm loaf of bread, some local cheese and pancake mix for breakfast. we cooked everything over the wood burning stove–it was delicious.


the pancakes were a hit as well.

more posts about our weekend on the farm coming soon! xx



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