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November 5, 2016

it seems like everyone has a start up these days… all these new brands, sites and companies popping up left and right. some are great, some die out quickly. i think it is worth noting the ones that took something simple that seemed to go unnoticed by technological change, and decided to improve upon it.

some of my favorite examples–that have changed my life in small and high-impact ways–are:

warby parker with eyeware
uber with transportation (enter udu3 for a free ride!)
harrys for men’s razors
netflix with tv series (our favorites being The Fall and Love)
blue apron with weekly meal planning
nurture life for weekly meal planning for kids lunches
parasol diapers (for a chic, soft and natural subscription solution)
rockets of awesome (easing my school clothing shopping worries all in a couple clicks)

i wanted to take a moment to share about this new vitamin company called care/of
it’s about time someone considered the vitamin industry! care/of is an online brand with an app/website rooted in refreshing honesty. the vitamins are made with better ingredients, & personalized for you.


as part of their launch they are partnering with the GOOD+ Foundation. for every 20 people on their waitlist, they will distribute a month of our prenatal vitamins to a woman in need with the help of GOOD+ Foundation.

prenatal vitamins are essential for a healthy pregnancy; taking folic acid can decrease the chance of neural tube defects in newborns by up to 72%. over a million pregnant women in the U.S. don’t take prenatals, in part due to cost–their goal is to fix that.

check them out! i’ve signed up and i encourage you to as well.

invite 3 friends – get 1 week free / invite 10 friends – get 1 month free / invite 100 friends – get 1 year free



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