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December 12, 2016

i’m pretty sure every parent in nyc cheered a little when they heard the abc carpet and home santa was back this year. last year they had announced his retirement, but they thankfully brought him back for 4 sundays this december! the lines have always been long, but this year was legit… and to top it off, nate took one for the team and took the kids on his own…

before we knew santa would be back in action i had made some committments pretty much every sunday in december and since we didn’t want to miss out on santa, nate decided he would tackle it on his own. (to be fair, the alternative was that he would attend an adult birthday hip hop dance party, so his decision tells you how much he hates to dance–oy!)

the thing about the wait for santa is that it is always freezing. it seems that every year it is like 30 degrees out! nate bundled up the kids, brought snacks, an ipad and a blanket and they camped out in line for 2 hours! good job daddy!




honestly, can’t deal with how cute these are. props to rowan who is chill as a cucumber. his big bro and big sis were not quite so chill when meeting santa at this age. makes sense though, that is rowan’s style… already acting like the big kids!

while i am bummed that i missed this, it fills my heart with joy when i think about these special memories that nate creates with our kids. i treasure that about him and i know how much they treasure it as well.

the below photo of rowie that nate captured is one of my favorites as of late. talk about the purest expression of wonder and innocence. i’m so in love with this guy.




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