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harbour island

January 3, 2017

i apologize in advance for the super long post, but if you love pictures of a tropical paradise with white sands and crystal blue water, you might fall in love with these images of harbour island.

nate was not thrilled about another travel adventure this year, after our ridiculous travels to germany, but i thankfully convinced him it should be our christmas present to each other… best idea ever.

we definitely had our fair share of travel drama getting there. of course the first snowfall of the year was the morning we left. our flight was delayed four hours and although we did make it to the bahamas that day, we missed our connecting flight so we had to stay in nassau for one night. i was still pretty happy though, we were finally in the bahamas!

the next morning we hopped a flight to eleuthera and after a short taxi ride we hopped into a speed boat and were in harbour island in less than 15 minutes!

alexa was loving the boat, but no one loved the ride as much as rowie, he was practically cheering.

the reason we went to harbour island was because our friend’s–gavin, becky and their kids–rented a house for friends to come and join. there really is nothing better than a vacation with friends when your kids get along as well as you do as parents… and when you parent in similar ways that is a double bonus.

they came and met us at the dock at 7:30 in the morning and we were all THRILLED to get the vacation started.

one of the coolest things about harbour island is that everyone drives golf carts, there are practically no cars on the island. makes sense since the island is about 3 miles by 2 miles wide.

we stayed at an adorable little house in dunmore town. about a 5 minute golf cart ride from the beach.

after about 5 minutes after we arrived the kids were in the pool. they pretty much spent about 12 hours out of every day we were there in the pool or in the water at the beach. they were in total heaven… and sufficiently waterlogged! ha!

every day we gathered up our stuff and headed to the beach. i have been to a lot of beaches in my life, but these beaches were my absolute favorite. the sand was almost like powder… it was as if it didn’t even stick to you that much. the water was crystal clear. everything was so pure, clean and peaceful. it wasn’t too busy, but busy enough to make you feel like you were some place really special.

alexa has been our water baby since her first trip to puerto rico.

girl talk on the beach.

alexa, hayden and luca pretty much chased each other all day and then dove into the waves. it was an all day long body surfing competition.

we didn’t ride horses on the beach, but that is definitely on my list for the next time we visit.

a tractor went by and the kids were fascinated. they guys on the tractor were so sweet to let the kids chase along before they got back to business.

day one rowie wasn’t loving the sand, but after that we was practically eating it!

in case you are wondering, the swimsuits pictured on alexa, hayden and rowie are from cabana life. i love their suits for kids and they hold up so well… this is year two already!

kalik is the local beer… we definitely enjoyed a bunch of these!

i mean. i can’t take how cute these guys are! alexa is like me… body full of sand, no thanks! cute to take photos of though!

every day ended something like this. pool time, then cocktail time, then dinner, then kids went to bed and we chilled or went to dinner. i would like to have this trip on repeat year after year after year!

towards the end of the trip a couple more friends joined the fun (as seen below). it was a stellar crew and an epic way to close out the year!

thanks natey for capturing such incredible photos of our journeys. i am so lucky to be married to you… for many reasons, but your photo skills are sick! xo



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