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it’s been awhile…

April 10, 2017

it’s been awhile, i know. when people ask me if i still blog i kind of shrug and feel a little guilty. the truth is, life with three and my job has kind of taken over any of my free time. i’ve honestly relied on instagram to tell everyday stories… i feel like for many people, instagram has become more powerful than blogs used to be. when i do have free time, i tend to want to shut off and watch tv shows with nate and not thing. i’m actually watching season two of the americans right now, and not fully paying attention which just means i will have to watch the episode again–ugh. (it is amazing… our new favorite show!)

anyway, i thought i would do a recap of the past couple of months… quick, but bringing me back up to date. 

hayden got a big haircut… seems like a silly update, but when you know how long his locks were you understand.

the women’s march happened. alexa helped me make posters and i went with some of my best girl friends to march for our rights and for the basic human rights of this country. the fight continues and i hope i can find a way to make a difference… for me, for other women and men, but above all for our kids.

on the work front at, rag & bone, things have been crazy–crazy busy. i love my job though… it challenges me every day, i work with people i love, the projects are amazing… and the clothing is pretty rad as well. in february we put on a pretty epic event. 70 portraits were shot by glen luchford over the course of two days. frank lebon created collages, mark lebon created a film, lou stoppard curated the exhibit and we put on a DAMN GOOD PARTY.

after the show, we took a family trip to breckenridge, colorado. alexa and hayden took snowboarding classes… alexa killed it! check out my instagram for some epic videos!

i love this shot of alexa. she looks adorable in her head-to-toe look from rockets of awesome and she is reading a book every little girl needs to own–good night stories for rebel girls.

most recently, nate and i journeyed to palm springs, california to celebrate the wedding of our friends michaela and david. it was beyond amazing. not only a brilliant and boozy celebration, but also a heartfelt and happy one.  nate and i couldn’t be more thrilled for this beautiful couple who has thankfully been in our life for years now. i hope they are there with us when our kiddos get married.

i love the below video because some of our rag & bone crew traveled cross country for the celebration as well.

so, in a very VERY short summary, that is what i’ve been up to since january. i am going to attempt to blog more often… wish me luck! xx



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