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happy birthday alexa!

May 22, 2017

i can’t believe this girl is already seven years old. how did that go by so fast? it seems like yesterday we were celebrating her rock n roll two-year-old birthday party on the west side highway! dance parties are a theme, clearly. two years ago we celebrated at this very same spot–downtown dance factory. she loved it so much she asked to go back this year… nate and i were both fully onboard as they make dance parties SO easy for the parents.

the theme for the party was a beanie boo dance party… we have moved on from princesess–thank god!–to beanie boos, fidgetspinners and legos.

alexa is typically pretty shy, at least around us, but she was in queen bee mode that day. i’ve actually never seen her so outgoing… leading the dances like it was her job. i was grinning ear to ear. my little cutie.

hayden was avoiding all the dancing–typical little brother.

these two little heartbreakers. i just can’t.

it was super cute because alexa would come over and give rowie big hugs every so often. she was so proud to show off her little baby brother. rowie–normally the dancer in our family–wouldn’t leave my arms for more than a second. i guess he is saving his moves for when he can be the center of attention.

 i made alexa’s cake… 7th year in a row! this year it was a beanie boo beach party cake… not as intense as some of my past designs, but an undertaking nonetheless! if my career in fashion doesn’t work out i am going to open up a birthday cake making company! :)

my girl.

thanks for one of alexa’s friends moms who snapped this photo of us. i just love it… so rare to get a shot of all of us together that isn’t a terrible iphone shot.

incidentally, all the photos on this post are taken on our film cameras. i love the raw nostalgic quality of them… even when images are off focus, blurred or dark, there is something beautiful about the quality. i actually even love the fact that not everyone is always looking… hard to believe there was a time where you got 1-2 shots and that was it. sometimes more isn’t more…

happy b alexa, we love you baby.



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