museum of moving image

May 26, 2017

we recently visited the museum of moving image in queens with the kids. it has been on my hit list for a long time. i wasn’t sure if the kids would be too young for it, but it was a hit.

there were so many interactive elements, even rowie had a good time. there are over 1,400 artifacts from films… from mind-bending optical toys to a real chewbacca mask from the star wars (clearly a hit, although it scared alexa a bit). the kids made stop-motion animations, we added sound effects and music to famous movie scenes, we did voice-overs of some of our favorite movies and we starred in a personalised flipbook.

on an adult level, nate and i thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit as well. the display of all types of film cameras and equipment were fascinating. it is amazing to see what was accomplished in film 100 years ago. nate and i were both inspired.

i’m a film lover and am very passionate about working on moving image projects. i recently worked on a rag & bone film project with the iconic john turturro on a short film called “hair,” starring john and bobby cannavale. it is probably one of my favorite projects i have ever worked on in my career to date. i’ve dreamt of working on films for years now and feel incredibly lucky that my career has led me down a path that allows me to incorporate film into my job. the best part about the project was that it really was an authentic film… not the typical “fashion film,” but something truly authentic. john directs and stars in the film and it is a completely ad-lib conversation between him and bobby. the best part about the whole project is that it got into the tribeca film festival. talk about an epic moment in my career. still buzzing over it.

i highly recommend popping by for a visit this summer.



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