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June 4, 2017

a couple weekends ago nate, the kids and i drove down to baltimore to be with my family and celebrate my little sister gaby’s graduation from the maryland institute college of is a bit surreal to me that my little sis is now a college graduate. she is 15 years younger than me… i was there in the delivery room with my mom. i even cut her umbilical cord. i’d like to claim the reason that she is called gaby and not gabrielle… i always wanted a nickname and i never had one so i was insistent that she would have one.

she was the absolute joy of our family. i am the oldest of 4 in our family and i think my brother, sister and i all are a bit protective over our baby sis. i still remember coming home from college in a mad rush just to see my baby sis. after 22 years i don’t think i have ever fought with her… actually, i know see her as a friend and i am OVER THE MOON that she is moving to new york to live this fall. i am so proud of her.

alexa, hayden and rowan adore their tia gaby almost as much as i do. she has been there with all of them through so much. even though she hasn’t ever officially lived in new york she has always visited us a ton. i remember when my mom let her come visit by herself for the first time… it was SUCH a big deal. probably more for my mom than her or us, ha! i remember taking her out to eat in the village and servers would always assume she was drinking wine with us… she was literally 15 years old. hilarious.

alexa, rowie and hayden are so lucky to have their tia gaby coming to NYC. they were excited to celebrate with gaby in baltimore as well. we stayed at a great hotel for families–the kimpton hotel monaco by the harbor in baltimore.

gaby’s work is really beautiful–as is she. her work is very emotional and nostalgic… touching on our puerto rican roots.

had to include this shot because rowie was pretty much a nightmare this trip. he was a lot of fun and charming… but also a little screaming monster too!! ha. this is him mid-tantrum. i mean…

so proud of you gaby. hurry up and move to NYC already! xo



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