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take me out to the ball game

June 12, 2017

we recently took the kids to their first baseball game ever–the mets versus the pirates! nate and i are mets fans… even though that is only truly because we have never been to a yankees game. not necessarily by choice, but because it always seems to work out that we make it to a mets game versus a yankees game, therefore we have become mets fans. we both grew up in atlanta so we are historically braves fans, but we have since transitioned away from the tomahawk chop.

the kids were so excited about the night’s game. we were too, although a 7:30pm game seemed a bit ambitious with these 3, but we decided to tackle it. 

seriously, one of the best parts of baseball is the food right? the kids had the whole nine yards. pizza, hot dogs, fries, peanuts, cotton candy and big league chew!

it was so adorable to see the kids get excited about the game. thankfully the mets gave us a great game full of home runs and, at the end, a win!

rowie was a bit of a maniac… he couldn’t stay still to save his life, but i guess that is par for the course with a 1 year old. thankfully we had awesome seats (thank you old navy team–you are the BEST).

i tried to explain the rules of the game to the kids… not sure it was too successful. i love baseball… or maybe i should say i use to love it. softball was my thing from 7th grade on through my twenties. i was a pitcher in high school, played intramural sports in college and coached a high school team after that. i kind of wish i had kept it up. i guess its time for me to break out my glove and test my skills on these kids.

i won’t travel anywhere without a bag full of toy cars for rowan. he plays with cars all day long… he is most often found at the windowsill of our apartment lining up cars one after the next. it is pretty adorable, and a saving grace when we are on the go.

– looks featured –
on nate: slim fit getaway shirt and slim built-in flex shorts
on alexa: striped off-the-shoulder dress and ankle strap beaded sandals
on hayden: classic shirtmlb graphic tee and flat-front hybrid shorts
on me: stay-white boyfriend jeans and lace-trim cami
on rowan: plaid pocket shirt and rib-knit denim cut-offs

hayden and rowie played with cars along the edge of the stands. thankfully they didn’t drop any cars on the people below.

it was such a fun night. can’t wait till we can go back to a game… even if we decide to hit up some nosebleed seats.



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