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July 12, 2017

i really wish that we had a spot we could escape to on the weekends. nate and i talk about this a lot. we are fortunate enough to have some close friends who invite us to some of their family getaways… this makes a summer in the city a lot more bearable. gotta escape the steamy city heat somehow.

nate and i love when we can see the kids playing out in nature… sounds so “normal” but when you are a city kid playing in an open field is not something you take for granted. watching the kids play in sprinklers seems so simple, but ends up being quite novel all the same.

battery operated kids vehicles are the best vehicle of entertainment ever.

one of the best things about lazy weekends upstate is being in pajamas all day long. (i am obsessed with all hanna anderson pajamas–when i can, i buy them in bulk!

this is one of my favorite recent photos of alexa. to be honest, her expression is how i feel about life right now. work… kids… everything. it is all mental. is it possible to had a late 30’s midlife crisis? i think i am having one in some ways… i’m struggling with the whole working full time and raising 3 kids thing. people are always a bit wowed by the fact that i do both… a very intense job plus raising 3 children, its tough. its always been something i am ok with and wanted to do, but as the kids get older and there is more going on with them i am definitely struggling finding a balance i am ok with. i am not sure what the solution is… i guess it will take time for me to figure out.



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