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hbd hayden!

July 19, 2017

hayden turned 6!! i can’t believe it really. he has gotten so big and its still a bit surreal to me that this little prince of mine is going into first grade this september.

for hayden’s birthday party we celebrated it at the cobble hill cinemas with a special viewing of despicable me 3! 

full disclosure, we totally copied some of hayden’s friends who threw their party there… it was just too good of an idea, and also super easy for parents! cobble hill cinemas was so accommodating, their rule was no birthday cake (i assume because its just too messy) so, we celebrated with morning donuts! hayden and alexa weren’t mad at that idea at all…

next stop, balloons!

as a part of the party booking each guest gets a kid box of popcorn with a drink and a treat. so cute. rowie was pretty amped up about the treats.

love how retro this theater looks. these pictures look like they could be from today our from the 1960s!

hayden… i love you so much and wish you the happiest 6th birthday ever.

ps. hayden and rowie are both rocking rockets of awesome… one of my mom obsessions.



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