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rooftop celebrations

July 25, 2017

nate and i celebrated our birthdays this july… how funny is it that there are 3 cancer babies in our family… my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are july babies too.

this year nate and i thought it could be fun to have a little roof top gathering with a small group of friends. nate captured the evening beautifully. (special thanks to megan for the killer balloons!)

we got a keg, because we thought that would be a funny throw back to our college days and i made a really yummy dark & stormy for the party, it was a hit… i’m not always very good at following recipes, so i made my own up:

  1. get a cool drink dispenser, like this one or this one
  2. mix the following together:
    1. 6 pack of ginger beer
    2. 1/2 a handle of dark rum
    3. 1 cup of finely chopped crystallized ginger
    4. 1 cup cilantro
    5. 10 limes (add more if you want more tart flavor)
    6. 1-2 cup simple syrup (taste test to see how strong you want the drink to be)

i love how excited michaela is about the keg. i fully support her enthusiasm.

good times with good friends + yummy cocktails + ice cold beer + rosé on ice = the perfect celebration.



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