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a road trip in croatia

March 10, 2015

nate and i have been talking about our next big travel plans a lot… we are debating between instanbul, bali or rio… with the kids!! i know it sounds aggressive, but we love to travel and our kiddos are pretty good at it. i’ve been strolling down memory lane and i thought i would post about our trip to croatia in 2009… Continue Reading…


kayaks, starfish + s’mores #PuertoRico

February 16, 2015

this is the last post to wrap up our adventures in puerto rico. it’s funny because as i am typing this hayden keeps asking when can we go back. it goes without saying that the kids absolutely LOVED this trip. it also probably has something to do with the fact that it is 7 degrees here in nyc and they just want to be outside playing. can’t really blame them.

our last day in puerto rico was full of activities… we really packed in the most we could while we were there…

the day started off with the kids’ first fishing lesson. they were really into it… i had forgotten how fun fishing could be–and how hard!

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adventures, FEATURED

dinner on the beach & a pajama party

February 14, 2015

photo by tom clark

our vacation in puerto rico was one of those where you wish you could extend it for another week–at least! it might have had something to do with the warm weather and sunshine… or just the general good spirit the kids were in the whole time because all we did was play with them all day long. it was pretty magical…
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rays of light

February 12, 2015

the other day i was walking alexa to school and she said, “mommy, i want to say something, but its bad and i don’t think you will like it…” this is a common statement from her these days. so, i sad, its ok, tell me and we can figure it out. she then said, “i hate winter.” it was so cute. looking back at our photos of puerto rico you can tell that she is a warm weather and sunshine girl. i had to dedicate an entire post to the joy that was radiating from her while we were there. love these photos nate captured so much.
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day 7: we spent our last day in paris with rodin

February 7, 2015

of all the days we were in paris it only rained once–on our last day. i think paris was sad to see us go, the feeling was mutual. a cloudy and drizzly day turned out to be a pretty romantic way to experience the musée rodin, one of my favorite museums in paris. nate though, per the usual, thought i was being a bit of an overachiever going to a museum on our last day before our flight… but i couldn’t bear to come to paris again without visiting this museum. i studied rodin specifically for one semester in undergrad, i find a museum especially enjoyable when you know the history behind many of the works.
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