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our adventures abroad…

November 26, 2016


normally, it takes me a bit to gather images and document a trip, but i felt it necessary to immediately write about our adventure to germany because, if i didn’t, i would potentially forget/block from my memory some of the dirty details. for those of you who follow me on instagram you are probably thinking it was a dreamy getaway with family… some of you may even have thought what rockstars we were for taking on this adventure… well, sorry to say we had you fooled. not intentionally of course, but simply because i didn’t photograph the doctors visit, the 24 hour stomach viruses and all the chaotic travel scenarios. i kinda wish i would have at least documented it on snapchat, but the truth is i didn’t have enough hands to manage that or enough time between each scenario! so… here goes, our 2016 german adventure, in all its glory…. Continue Reading…

adventures, featured, little ones

life on the farm

October 29, 2016

i was trying to divide up this post into multiple posts, but time is not on my side these days. you know that thing called “mom brain” that happens post baby… well, mine is back. i feel like i can’t even remember people’s names lately. for some reason this fall has been the busiest of my life yet. it is a combo of my job, rowan and the kid’s school. between my work emails and the school emails that fill up my inbox everyday its enough to make anyone go a little nutty. on that note, i would like to make special request to the powers that be at the kids school–for those of us with TWO kids in the same school, it would be great if everything was prefaced with what grade/child the letter, email, etc is for. its hard enough to remember it all and then to remember what teacher said what or what letter wad for who!! AH.

anyway, this post is meant to be about our lovely time away at stony creek farmstead, so here we go… hoping no one will mind my photographic narrative (thanks nathan for taking all the beautiful photos as usual)! if you have any questions about the stay, shoot me a note at marissakrax@gmail! all i gotta say is, plan a trip there next spring–it is so lovely.

also, an important tip: bring rainboots or wellies
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rocky mountain high

July 31, 2016

when we were in colorado we went to visit his papa–best known as great papa nowadays–and we took a family roadtrip up the poudre canyon to visit his old home and where nate grew up visiting as a kid.

we spent the day hiking around and exploring. it was so beautiful and the weather was hot, dry and perfect.  Continue Reading…

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apple picking fun

October 18, 2015

last weekend we took a little fall road trip out of the city for some apple picking fun. we try to go at least once every fall and i am always on the look out for a “less crowded” option… i did not succeed in that this year. we went to barton orchards… it was so crowded i had a feeling that someone queens sent out a memo that everyone should spend the day at barton orchards–argh! luckily, we still had a lot of fun. Continue Reading…

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a family #babymoon day three: animal kingdom

October 9, 2015

this was our first time visiting animal kingdom. in total honesty, i never had much interest in visiting initially… for some reason i always thought it was going to be like a glorified zoo. i was totally wrong. i was actually blown away. the design and detail that went into every aspect literally blew my mind! you honestly felt like you were transitioning from africa to asia after just a short little walk.

we started the day off by having a delicious breakfast with the characters at tusker house restaurant in “africa,” which is where we met mickey! Continue Reading…

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a family #babymoon day two: magic kingdom

October 7, 2015

all of disney world is amazing, but nothing beats the magic kingdom–especially with young kids. we decided to go in the fall because the crowds are much better and we wanted to kick off our halloween celebration early. in the fall, the magic kingdom hosts mickey’s not-so-scary halloween celebration full of late night rides, performances, parades, fireworks and trick-or-treating in costume. clearly this would be a hit with the kids.
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