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rocky mountain high

July 31, 2016

when we were in colorado we went to visit his papa–best known as great papa nowadays–and we took a family roadtrip up the poudre canyon to visit his old home and where nate grew up visiting as a kid.

we spent the day hiking around and exploring. it was so beautiful and the weather was hot, dry and perfect.  Continue Reading…

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apple picking fun

October 18, 2015

last weekend we took a little fall road trip out of the city for some apple picking fun. we try to go at least once every fall and i am always on the look out for a “less crowded” option… i did not succeed in that this year. we went to barton orchards… it was so crowded i had a feeling that someone queens sent out a memo that everyone should spend the day at barton orchards–argh! luckily, we still had a lot of fun. Continue Reading…

adventures, featured

a family #babymoon day three: animal kingdom

October 9, 2015

this was our first time visiting animal kingdom. in total honesty, i never had much interest in visiting initially… for some reason i always thought it was going to be like a glorified zoo. i was totally wrong. i was actually blown away. the design and detail that went into every aspect literally blew my mind! you honestly felt like you were transitioning from africa to asia after just a short little walk.

we started the day off by having a delicious breakfast with the characters at tusker house restaurant in “africa,” which is where we met mickey! Continue Reading…

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a family #babymoon day two: magic kingdom

October 7, 2015

all of disney world is amazing, but nothing beats the magic kingdom–especially with young kids. we decided to go in the fall because the crowds are much better and we wanted to kick off our halloween celebration early. in the fall, the magic kingdom hosts mickey’s not-so-scary halloween celebration full of late night rides, performances, parades, fireworks and trick-or-treating in costume. clearly this would be a hit with the kids.
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adventures, featured, little ones

a family #babymoon day one: epcot

October 5, 2015

yes, i believe i may be one of the few crazy women who decides to take a trip to disney world when she is 8 months pregnant, but i was dying for a little travel that would be fun for us–and the kids! i really love disney world and our last trip was so successful, so off we went! it was definitely an unconventional baby moon, but it was so fun and totally worth it. one of the best parts was keeping it a surprise from the kids!

prior to leaving, all we had mentioned to alexa and hayden was that we were taking them on an adventure and that we had to wake up really early to catch a flight. they love to travel and go on airplanes so that was exciting enough–but when we told them we were going to disney world they were so excited, especially considering it was 4:30 in the morning (see nate’s instagram video here). we got them t-shirts with frozen and cars graphics and a couple fun disney toys to take on the flight and off we went.
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adventures, little ones

the farm life #vermont

September 4, 2015

last weekend we headed out to vermont for a little family getaway–well, actually, it was actually for one of nate’s bike races (the rapha prestige–which is technically an “adventure” not a “race”). i’ll take any chance to get out of town and turn something into a family adventure. we stayed at a vrbo in dorset with a couple more of nate’s bike friends… can you believe this was the view from the front porch. so breathtaking. on saturday, while nate and his friends were on their “biking adventure” for 9 hours (!!!) we decided to visit some farms… Continue Reading…

adventures, featured, little ones

when in hershey… #oldnavystyle

August 19, 2015

this past saturday we took a little surprise road trip with the kids to hershey park. we had never been and i was in need of an out of town getaway (i am ALWAYS looking for an out of town getaway!). i’m always trying to dream up some sort of fun adventures for the kids… from what i researched online it seemed to me that hershey park was going to be a hit!  Continue Reading…