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feed projects: the mini bag

December 7, 2016

i’m sure most of you have heard about FEED projects, but if not, check them out… especially worthwhile for gifting this time of year. it was started by lauren bush lauren with the simple idea of creating products that engage people in the fight against hunger. every product is stamped with the number of meals that are provided with its purchase–pretty great.

nate and i are big fans of FEED so we were especially thrilled to be a part of the launch of their mini feed bag for kids… as pictured on alexa in the photos within this post. be sure to check out the interview they did with us on the feed site… we think its pretty sweet.  (also, a cool side note is that nate shoots for them quite a bit, check out some of his work here.) Continue Reading…

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super saturday

August 7, 2016

this summer has been my absolute favorite. we have been lucky enough to spend a bunch of weekends out in the hamptons visiting friends. while a lot of new yorkers spend their summers out in the hamptons or the new jersey shore, it is a novelty to use and these summer has provided so many opportunities… i have to say, it is pretty magical.

last weekend (and this weekend!) we visited our friends rebecca and gavin and we spent saturday afternoon at a pretty epic hamptons summer event… super saturday.

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cute as a button

April 2, 2016

a couple weeks ago alexa woke up after being asleep for a bit and told us her vision was blurry… that she was seeing double. she was looking a bit cross-eyed and we just thought was a fluke incident. it happened again a couple more times so we decided to take her to the eye doctor. i took her, never thinking that she would need glasses, but it turns out she did. i think i was more shocked than she was. she didn’t take to the idea very well at first, but then she came around a bit when i said she could pick any style out that she wanted.

we took her to a cute kids optical shop in greenwich village where there were a ton of options for her to choose from. she was such a great sport and had a very specific opinion about what she wanted. when i suggested some cute black hipster looking frames she quickly let me know that those were “mom” glasses. oy. my bad! :-) she ended up picking out these adorable cat-eye pink and purple frames with small little diamonds on the temples. she knew they were the best for her–and i have to agree. she looks adorable.

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brooklyn blues #oldnavystyle

February 21, 2016

today is the first day we have left the apartment with the kids in over a week. all three of the kids were sick… it was the worst. on top of all that it was fashion week for me and nate had knee surgery. seriously? you can’t make up these scenarios. i kept trying to put it all into perspective and tell myself that it wasn’t that bad, but i definitely had a couple of moments where i thought i was totally unraveling (some of my mom friends in our building can attest to that–thanks for helping with the “sick baby stuff” ladies!). since the kids are seemingly on the mend, we thought they could use some fresh air so we took a stroll along the brooklyn bridge waterfront.b Continue Reading…

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my little mini me

February 12, 2016

everyone calls alexa “mini marissa” … even she calls herself that sometimes. the funny thing is, she totally is a mini me. i’ve realized as of late that she even kind of dresses like me–aside from her ridiculous aversion to buttons that has lasted for about two years now. when i try to convince her that buttons are fashionable and everyone wears them she very eloquently states that there is nothing wrong with buttons, but they are not for her (she won’t be caught dead in jeans so she wears leggings or tights everyday, whereas i could pretty much live in jeans). her color palette is even like mine… i.e. the blue tones seen in the images in this post. long gone are the days of the pink tutus and princess dresses… nate used to get so annoyed by the “princess” stage, but it is almost like it was here one day and then gone the next. Continue Reading…

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my boys

December 29, 2015

i have a secret to share… if i had been asked what i wanted when i was pregnant, i probably would have said i wanted another boy. i am thrilled that hayden has a little brother… and alexa and i are girly enough for one household. the only thing about having boys is that they aren’t normally as fun to dress. with girls there are a ton of amazing options out there, but it does seem super limited for boys. i have a handful of brands that are my favorite and i will share them over time, but old navy does a pretty great job at making adorable looks for boys. Continue Reading…

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cozy looks for fall #oldnavystyle

October 27, 2015

last weekend we took the kids to see the new PAN movie–they loved it… we thought it was so-so. i am still more of a HOOK fan!

the walk to the brooklyn movie theater we go to is so lovely–one of the many benefits of living in a city where you don’t always have to drive. so, we took a leisurely stroll and let the kids run around and enjoy the first taste of the chilly fall weather–which i love!  Continue Reading…

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this saturday: shopping + books at joe fresh!

October 20, 2015

this saturday the kids and i are doing some pre-holiday shopping with some added fun courtesy of  joe fresh and harper collins books! the author of the biscuit book series, alyssa satin capucilli, will be reading some of her favorite stories to the kids in stores. the event is in collaboration with an amazing non-profit, library for all, they are committed to unlocking knowledge and opportunities for children in developing countries with limited access to educational materials. we are avid readers in our family so it is definitely a cause i am excited to support.

if you are in nyc this weekend you should stop by this saturday from 1 to 3pm (in soho) and shop with us at joe fresh! (receive 25% off regular priced items!)

as a little teaser, i thought i would post some looks i plan to pick up when we are at the store–for alexa, hayden AND for the baby!!

Joe Fresh

girls graphic tee // blue cord jeans // animal flats // boys skater shoes // boys graphic sweatshirt // boys knit skinny jean // baby girl animal sweater // baby boy knit tee
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