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rooftop celebrations

July 25, 2017

nate and i celebrated our birthdays this july… how funny is it that there are 3 cancer babies in our family… my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are july babies too.

this year nate and i thought it could be fun to have a little roof top gathering with a small group of friends. nate captured the evening beautifully. (special thanks to megan for the killer balloons!) Continue Reading…

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paradise in palm springs

May 2, 2017


last month we took a trip to palm springs, california for our friend’s wedding — it was a much needed adult-only getaway. i had been to palm springs once before for a work trip, but it was definitely a treat to be there for a short vacation and even more so for the wedding where we were surrounded by a group of our closest friends so we were in constant party mode. the kids stayed home in brooklyn with my mom which made the overall trip pretty much perfect.

a road trip to palm springs wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the cabazon dinosaurs… it’s not much more than a photo op, but it is a worthy photo op — definitely a good instagram opportunity to say the least.
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lately on my commute..

April 19, 2017

i’m really thankful for my subway commute… sounds strange to say, but it is the only reason i read books anymore. it is the only time i have to myself without distraction. i read paperbacks, on my kindle and even on my phone. i am proud and embarrassed to have read all five “game of thrones” novels on my phone!!

i read to the kids every night of the week normally… or they read to me. my mom read to me every night for more ost my adolescent, so reading is an important bonding moment for me and the kids.

below are some books i have been reading to the kids, as well as some that i have been reading on my morning commute.

good night stories for rebel girls is a children’s book packed with 100 bedtime stories about the life of 100 extraordinary women from the past and the present, illustrated by 60 female artists from all over the world. the stories are short and easy to comprehend. i’ve loved introducing this book into alexa and hayden’s life. i love sharing the lives of these amazing women who have changed the face of this world by simple and astounding acts.

downward mule
i have been doing yoga for the past 15 years… and i am still not very good at it, but i love it and hope that some day i will nail the crow pose and a headstand. this book, downward mule, was written by the sister of one of my best girl friends. downward mule stars sam mule, a barnyard outcast whose secret talent – yoga – ultimately saves the farm. while the book has poses built in, including cow, horse stance, crow and relaxation.

you are a badass
his book is maybe my favourite “self-help” book… ever. the truth is, i am not much of a self-help book kind of gal. i need to be fully entertained to read, which is why i often read books like the hunger games or game of thrones. the truth is that when i was reading this book i could not stop highlighting every page. it is exceptional and the perfect pick me up if you are in a work–or life–rut.

the book of the unnamed midwife
i LOVED this book. the book is about a post-apocalyptic world where women are in danger of extinction. if you like the handmaiden’s tale, or appreciate dystopic fiction in general, you will love this book.



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it’s been awhile…

April 10, 2017

it’s been awhile, i know. when people ask me if i still blog i kind of shrug and feel a little guilty. the truth is, life with three and my job has kind of taken over any of my free time. i’ve honestly relied on instagram to tell everyday stories… i feel like for many people, instagram has become more powerful than blogs used to be. when i do have free time, i tend to want to shut off and watch tv shows with nate and not thing. i’m actually watching season two of the americans right now, and not fully paying attention which just means i will have to watch the episode again–ugh. (it is amazing… our new favorite show!)

anyway, i thought i would do a recap of the past couple of months… quick, but bringing me back up to date.  Continue Reading…


cute as a button

April 2, 2016

a couple weeks ago alexa woke up after being asleep for a bit and told us her vision was blurry… that she was seeing double. she was looking a bit cross-eyed and we just thought was a fluke incident. it happened again a couple more times so we decided to take her to the eye doctor. i took her, never thinking that she would need glasses, but it turns out she did. i think i was more shocked than she was. she didn’t take to the idea very well at first, but then she came around a bit when i said she could pick any style out that she wanted.

we took her to a cute kids optical shop in greenwich village where there were a ton of options for her to choose from. she was such a great sport and had a very specific opinion about what she wanted. when i suggested some cute black hipster looking frames she quickly let me know that those were “mom” glasses. oy. my bad! :-) she ended up picking out these adorable cat-eye pink and purple frames with small little diamonds on the temples. she knew they were the best for her–and i have to agree. she looks adorable.

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balloons & flower crowns: a baby shower

October 4, 2015

last weekend a couple of my girlfriends threw nate and i a baby shower–it was absolutely perfect. katie and her husband john were graciously hosted the party in their charming little backyard in carroll gardens–which definitely made us start considering a move further into brooklyn to have a little backyard for the kids! it was an idyllic afternoon with our closest friends. Continue Reading…


back to school #oldnavystyle

September 30, 2015

oldnavy x ladyandprince
a lot of people are sad that summer is over, but not me. i adore fall. i love everything about it–especially the clothing. i could live in jeans, boots and sweaters. the kids don’t love layers as much as i do, but they seem to be loving some of the new looks i got them at old navy for back to school. Continue Reading…

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dressing the bump

September 13, 2015

i have been meaning to post for awhile now about the struggles of maternity dressing–because the struggle is real! there are a lot of better options these days, but it is still difficult to sort through the good–the bad–and the ugly! here is a round up of my must haves–including some beauty favorites–to hopefully help some of you ladies out who feel my pain when it comes to dressing the bump!

bump friendly work dresses
if you like a colorful wardrobe, i may not be your style guru. i’m a neutrals kind of girl… and i really love to wear black. every now and then i will brave a bright color, but its even less likely when i am pregnant! the other thing about my maternity style is i opt for tighter dresses that show off the bump. i am not a big fan of big flowy dresses that make you look larger than you already feel! i believe in embracing the bump! the other key element to mastering a maternity wardrobe is finding bump friendly dresses that aren’t maternity! if you have the time to shop around for those than lucky you, if not, the site nine in the mirror is pretty great to help you on your search–it is like the net-a-porter of maternity.


1. isabella oliver (maternity) – avery dress / 2. j.mclaughlin – sage dress in seregetti
3. isabella oliver (maternity) – wickham dress / 4. equipment – tegan dress
5. polo ralph lauren – leather trim shift dress

denim obsesssions
i am normally a rag & bone denim kind of girl, but my other favorite denim line is dl1961 and it just so happens they make the perfect maternity jeans… i could wear each one of their styles everyday! another great maternity denim option is ag–especially their boyfriend jeans.


1. dl 1961 (maternity) – ankle slim cigarette in riker / 2. dl 1961 (maternity) – ankle slim cigarette in zeppelin / 3. ag (maternity)– secret fit belly boyfriend jean

weekend wear
most girls i know are in love with hatch collection, whether pregnant or not! it is pretty genius to make a line of clothes that is made for maternity, but still looks cute post maternity too! another genius line of basics while pregnant is by storq!


1. hatch collection – 3/4 dress / 2. hatch collection – the twighlight jumpsuit / 3. hatch collection – the talullah dress / 4. storq – dress (the bundle is the best!)

beauty must haves
when you are pregnant you tend to develop a sudden heightened sense of awareness as to what you are putting on your skin. i have been trying to transition to products that have more natural ingredients for awhile, but being pregnant really made me speed up the process. thankfully there are a lot more options that offer natural and organic ingredients. below are some of my favorites.


1. tata harper – regenerating cleanser / 2. clarins – tonic body treatment oil
3. one love organics – morning glory caffeinated firming serum / 4. one love organics – skin savior multi tasking wonder balm / 5. supergoop – anti aging eye cream with spf
6. well people – foundation stick

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one of my favorite “mom” memories…

May 12, 2015

i know mother’s day has passed, but i had to share this amazing illustration done by martha napier of marnani design for old navy. she illustrated one of my favorite memories as a mom.

it’s hard to choose a favorite memory… i was telling nate that i feel so blessed because we have so many great memories that it was hard to think of just one. i decided to choose a memory that was really special to me because it was, in a way, a fusion of the old me and the new “mom” version of me. i’ve written about it before, but a moment in time that i cherish is when we took alexa to paris when she was 3 months old. i am so passionate about travel and adventure and was determined to make that a part of our parenting journey. taking a trip with a 3 month old to paris (plus a pit stop in belgium) officially checked that off the list. we didn’t have a lot of money at the time so we stayed way off the beaten path in a 3 story walk up with a lofted bed so to say it was an adventure is an understatement. we walked the streets of paris with alexa in a sling or in her snap n’ go. we took her to the tuilleries, to the tour eiffel, to sacre coeur, to notre dame and to the last stage of the tour de france. it was magical and a memory that i will forever be thankful for.

thanksold navy and martha napier for this beautiful illustration to remind me of this special moment in time.