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shop my #TravelMustHaves

January 23, 2015

for some reason on our trip to paris i did the best job packing… and i promise, i am not bragging… i am normally not a great packer. i am always minimal to a fault, i pack things that i don’t like and am super frustrated normally, but this time i got smart about it. i packed everything into “looks” (with the help of my dear friend megan who helped me determine what was really worth bringing–enlisting a friend’s help was my best move!).
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paris: our first evening

January 8, 2015

i’ve anxiously been waiting to blog about paris since we got there–seriously… maybe even since before we left! for those of you that follow nate and i on social media you know that this trip was in celebration of our 10 year anniversary. its funny because we had originally planned to go to africa, but that was before we had two kids–all of a sudden africa seemed a little too far away and a bit ambitious. so, since paris is possibly my favorite city in the world… and happens to be incredibly romantic, it seemed like the perfect destination. nate and i had been to paris together once before with alexa when she was a baby–for me, this was going to be my 7th time in paris, but that almost made it that much easier–a low stress trip of wandering, eating, drinking and just enjoying ourselves.
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pour la nuit. #paris

December 15, 2014

i can’t believe we leave for paris next week!! all i can think about is packing and i haven’t even gotten the chance. i’m already dreaming of date nights every night… so, clearly i am stressing about what i’ll wear. here are some of my favorite looks pour le nuit.

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a smart & stylish gift guide

December 8, 2014

SimplySpotless Gift Guide_Ladyandprince

name: alessandra santopietro
what you do: design director at simply spotless new york

best gift you ever received: my mom gave me charm from her mother’s travels around the world. i keep it on gold chain around my neck.

1. the fashion savvy friend – love card holders, especially this one from saint laurent. fits great in any purse.

2. the mom who works – with this portable printer you can print pictures of your little ones wherever you may be, perfect for displaying in your office or to show your colleagues and friends! the perfect gift for a first time mom recently back to work.

3. the travel friendsimply spotless ny travel essentials kit, our essential travel kit is the perfect travel companion for journeys near or far, and the individual bottles can be hidden in even the smallest designer handbag. our kit has you covered for any emergency that might arise, with our travel size fabric cleaner, linen mist and laundry cleaner you can rest assured that you will be prepared for any situation.

4. the creative dadthis notebook is great for every day as well as documenting your travels.

5. the sports enthusiast – layers are a must as the temperature drops and this bomber is a great addition.

6. your boss – i love the scents from tocca–they always make a great gift.

7. your employee – a sweet treat is always a great gift.

8. your best friend – i love giving my girlfriends friendship bracelets- this one is so chic and elegant.

9. the foodie – a kitchenaid is a classic–and still one of the best kitchen tools.

10. the tech-obsessed – i can’t live with out my mophie–saves me while out and about during the work day.

ps. if you want to learn more about alesssandra–because she is pretty amazing–read an article from forbes here!


an experiential gift guide

November 27, 2014

Eliza Blank Gift Guide_Ladyandprince
if you haven’t checked out the sill then you are really missing out–you are forgiven if you don’t live in nyc ;-) eliza, the founder, is a proprietor of plants… and she is the first person to introduce plants into my life that actually stay alive! she is also just a really lovely person that i am happy to call a friend. i love that her gift guide is experientially focused!

name: eliza blank

what you do: founder, the sill

best gift you ever received: dinner with my husband at blue hill at stone barns- a complete splurge, but it was an engagement gift from my mother-in-law and oh so good.

1 – the fashion savvy friend – something to compliment her style  ds & durga – created by a fashionable couple, you’ll never wear another fragrance line again. really.

2 – the mom who worksa blow out from dry bar

3 – the travel fiend – anything from flight 001 but particularly their packing bags

4 – the creative dad – a download of the human body for dad & kids

5 – the sports enthusiastthe coolest cooler

6 – your boss – well, i’m my boss – how about a day off!?

7 – your employeea back pack or day bag for fashionable computer carrying.

8 – your best friend – a girls getaway at the graham & co hotel

9 – the foodie a $50 kitchensurfing credit

10 – the tech-obsessed – pre order of electric objects the only way to display digital art


shop jacadi’s “give thanks sale” early!

November 25, 2014

i know that this time of year is focused on shopping for holiday gifts for others, but when you have kids i think you also spend half the time shopping for clothes for them too! not just looks for special occasions, but for all the activities the holidays have to offer. technically its the best time to shop for kids clothes because everything is on sale!

in partnership with jacadi, i am offering all lady & prince readers an early VIP discount on jacadi’s “give thanks sale.” the sale starts on the 28th, but you can shop it early starting today–november 25th–through 27th with a VIP 35% off discount. The promo code is GTSVIP14. (the regular “give thanks sale” offers 30% off select styles, footwear and accessories and runs from November 28th through December 2nd (no promo code needed).

i pulled together some curated looks below in case you need a little help shopping ;-)

JACADI looks for girlsfor a day at the museum
double-breasted coat  /  striped turtleneck  /  cotton corduroy shorts  /  ribbed knit tights  /  bow-trimmed hat  /  bow-trimmed gloves

for an afternoon at the park
padded quilted jacket  /  cotton liberty blouse  /  stretch gabardine trousers  /  suede lace up boots

for a holiday dinner
pleated plaid dress  /  double breasted cardigan  /  ribbed knit tights

JACADI looks for boysfor a day at the museum
double-breasted peacoat  /  v-neck sweater  /  cotton twill trousers  /  striped knit hat  /  striped knit scarf

for an afternoon in the park
wool elbow patch sweater  /  hooded down jacket  /  denim jeans  /  argyle microfleece hat  /  knit mittens

for a holiday dinner
cotton fleece blazer  /  cotton plaid shirt  /  cotton chinos  /  leather trimmed chukka boots

note: the “give thanks sale” does not include the new collection, holiday collection or home.

holiday, marissa

these are a few of my favorite things… #holidaygiftguide

November 21, 2014

MK Gift Guide_Ladyandprince

i have so many fun gift guides still in the works, but i thought i would end the week with one from me! here are some of my favorite things…

rag & bone floppy brim fedora
– because i LOVE hats… they seem to make a casual look seem more effortlessly chic

frends headphones with stylish caps – i know i have posted about these before, but they would make an awesome gift. i love mine, so stylish. i get compliments on them always!

jcrew skinny sweatpants – i am in love with these, i buy a new pair every year! best weekend pants ever.

a rabbit fur infinity scarf – i think every girl needs an infinity scarf this winter, and this one looks extra cozy.

bling trinket tray – because every girl needs a place for her special jewels to rest. i wear the same accessories a lot so i like to have them easily accessible for mornings when i am rushing–which is every morning!!

j.crew shearwater boots – i love these because they keep your feet warm and dry, but still look cute with a dress and tights!

jonathan adler vase – no need for a reason, just love this vase. so perfect for a chic office addition.

enzo milano curling wand – i have been using the same one for 6 years now and its still a morning go-to.

s’well water bottle – keep a beverage hot or cold for 24 hours… that would save me constantly having to re-heat my coffee!

ivanka trump puffer – i just got this puffer and i love it because it is super warm and its slim–plus the fur hood is adorable. i hate oversized puffy coats that make you look huge–no thanks!

an art print from conde nast – i am starting an art collection in my office! love the conde nast collection available from

truffle clutches and pouches – i’m loving their newest holiday collection. if you are a lady and prince reader then you know my passion for truffle! these little pouches have saved me from forgetting all of my “must haves” while still allowing me to change up my handbags everyday if i like!

stuart weitzman 5050 boot – i didn’t know i could fall in love with a boot, but i did. these rock. i love wearing them over skinny jeans or with tights and a dress. they are so comfortable. i didn’t want to splurge on them before… i have been eyeing them since last winter and i indulged and bought them this year. so worth every penny.




November 21, 2014

i’m so excited to share the full video from inglesina baby that we shot a couple months back. hope you enjoy it as much as the kids did!! (every time we watch it alexa and hayden start smiling and giggling… especially when rider shows up on screen!



November 17, 2014

today we launched a project on that we have been working on for quite some time–#womenwhowork.

months ago when we were working on the re-launch and strategy behind the ivanka trump brand i had thought it would be fun if we could launch and instagram series that highlighted women and how they were working at their lives…. wouldn’t it be fun if we all starting talking about this together? in the office we talked a lot about what it means to be a woman working today and the thing that we all agreed on over and over is that we aren’t defined by our jobs. while, yes, i am the vice president of creative at a brand, i am also a lot of other things and i work really hard at all those things… i am a mom, i am a wife, i am a blogger, i am a runner, i am an avid traveler, i am a tech junkie… we all have these lists that define who we are. this little idea became a big conversation and the big conversation developed into a big initiative for our brand.

a couple months ago we filmed 13 amazing and talented women who we felt were good representations of the kind of women we are talking about… we purposefully didn’t want celebrities to be the first ones that promoted the campaign because we wanted to show that this isn’t a hookits not a marketing campaignits just a conversation that we hope everyone will join in on.

so, we made it easy for everyone to jump on board… all you have to do is a do a little selfie video and post it to your social channels with your unofficial job title and your real job title… it might sound like the below video–or check out the videos from everyone on the ivanka trump team.

i hope you will jump on board and #joinconversation and tag some friends to join as well!!
(here is some sample copy to post: Here’s what didn’t make the business card. #WomenWhoWork What does work look like for you [tag friends & colleagues]? #IvankaTrump

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a gingerbread delight with cricket’s circle

November 14, 2014

there is nothing like starting off november with gingerbread house decorating–even better when its with a bunch of your close friends! rachel, from cricket’s circle, opened her home to a small group of us for a fabulous sunday morning of oversized gingerbread houses and lots of sweets. hayden was feeling under the weather, so i made the day into a day-date with alexa. when we showed up at rachel’s house, griffin (her son) was right at the front pulling alexa to come in and sit by him. it was precious! we had so much fun decorating the houses and i had so much fun catching up with some of my favorite nyc mamas.



me, naomi (from love taza), rachel (cricket’s circle) and rebecca (rebecca minkoff)