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sweet greetings

September 28, 2016

every since alexa and hayden could crawl/walk, they have always greeted me at the door when i get home from work. its always been the best feelings and one of my favorite parts of my day… now that they are “big kids” they are often busy playing games or they decide to hide so that i come and find them (which is super cute too). now rowie has taken the lead in the role as “mommy’s door greeter” and it is absolutely priceless to see him crawling fast as he can till i can sweep him up into my arms. Continue Reading…

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August 27, 2016

2016.8.22&23-Old Navy-52769_1
the kids and i were at nate’s studio on friday so we decided to do a little impromptu photo session with rowie… he has a lot of energy these days so sitting still on set wasn’t going so well, but nate captured some pretty amazing pictures nonetheless. Continue Reading…

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super saturday

August 7, 2016

this summer has been my absolute favorite. we have been lucky enough to spend a bunch of weekends out in the hamptons visiting friends. while a lot of new yorkers spend their summers out in the hamptons or the new jersey shore, it is a novelty to use and these summer has provided so many opportunities… i have to say, it is pretty magical.

last weekend (and this weekend!) we visited our friends rebecca and gavin and we spent saturday afternoon at a pretty epic hamptons summer event… super saturday.

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h master turns 5

August 1, 2016

summer birthdays are normally such a bust… this coming from a gal who was born on july 1st! i was always so jealous of the kids who had their birthdays during the school year and got cupcakes and balloons delivered to their classrooms! clearly, i have some leftover birthday envy. anyway, since hayden has to suffer the summer birthday blues i wanted to try to make this 5th birthday as special as i could. i figured a good start would be a star wars themed party! Continue Reading…

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rocky mountain high

July 31, 2016

when we were in colorado we went to visit his papa–best known as great papa nowadays–and we took a family roadtrip up the poudre canyon to visit his old home and where nate grew up visiting as a kid.

we spent the day hiking around and exploring. it was so beautiful and the weather was hot, dry and perfect.  Continue Reading…

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ak turns six

May 8, 2016

i’m behind… i mean, WAY behind on posts. i think i am just in that stage of life where there isn’t a spare moment lately. anyway, i didn’t want to go without posting about ak’s sixth birthday party!

since alexa is such a great little artist we figured it was appropriate to have an art-inspired birthday party. we decided to have the party at this cute little spot in williamsburg called the painted cloud.
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April 7, 2016

i’ve been a huge history buff since i was a kid… my favorite classes (other than art of course) were always tied to history. i still remember my world history teacher in high school and my art history professor from college pretty much changed the course of my studies and therefore future. understanding where we came from is so important, even at a young age. while explaining the state of our nation and political atmosphere is not appropriate for our kids, sharing about the history of our country certainly is.
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