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snapshots on film

May 5, 2017

who knew a disposable camera would be so novel? i’ve blogged about this before, but we recently developed a new batch of photos so i thought i would post some of my favorites. i love how a bad photo can often be an amazing photo… i guess its truly in the eye of the beholder.

nate doesn’t think these are so great, but i love them because they are from alexa and hayden’s point of view. most of the pitcures turn out pretty awful, but i think these are pretty great.

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#lifehacks for a good cause

November 5, 2016

it seems like everyone has a start up these days… all these new brands, sites and companies popping up left and right. some are great, some die out quickly. i think it is worth noting the ones that took something simple that seemed to go unnoticed by technological change, and decided to improve upon it.

some of my favorite examples–that have changed my life in small and high-impact ways–are:

warby parker with eyeware
uber with transportation (enter udu3 for a free ride!)
harrys for men’s razors
netflix with tv series (our favorites being The Fall and Love)
blue apron with weekly meal planning
nurture life for weekly meal planning for kids lunches
parasol diapers (for a chic, soft and natural subscription solution)
rockets of awesome (easing my school clothing shopping worries all in a couple clicks)

i wanted to take a moment to share about this new vitamin company called care/of
it’s about time someone considered the vitamin industry! care/of is an online brand with an app/website rooted in refreshing honesty. the vitamins are made with better ingredients, & personalized for you.


as part of their launch they are partnering with the GOOD+ Foundation. for every 20 people on their waitlist, they will distribute a month of our prenatal vitamins to a woman in need with the help of GOOD+ Foundation.

prenatal vitamins are essential for a healthy pregnancy; taking folic acid can decrease the chance of neural tube defects in newborns by up to 72%. over a million pregnant women in the U.S. don’t take prenatals, in part due to cost–their goal is to fix that.

check them out! i’ve signed up and i encourage you to as well.

invite 3 friends – get 1 week free / invite 10 friends – get 1 month free / invite 100 friends – get 1 year free


#lifehack: chat books

August 29, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.10.27 PM
i felt compelled to share some love for chatbooks because it has recently become my favorite go-to gift for family these days. of all the photo book creation services out there that i have come across, i am pretty certain chatbooks is the easiest–and most affordable. i love that its simply an app that you download and it syncs to your instagram, facebook, cloud and iphone photos so you can easily pick the images you want to appear in the book. It’s that simple actually… pick the images, decide if you want a soft or hard cover and what you want the cover to say and you are done. the printing quality is great. i’ve made a book for nate, for the grandparents and for our nanny. they deliver the final printed books pretty fast too… i highly recommend this as a quick and easy gift–or as a way to print out all your digital photos and create your own library.

be sure to use this code to get your first book free–H76VFCW6!!


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say cheese!

August 23, 2016

my friend katie had a brilliant idea… she showed up to hayden’s birthday last year with two disposable cameras, one for alexa and one for hayden. the kids thought it was such a novelty to have their own littler cameras. somehow we forgot about the cameras for months and months and recently, nate developed the film. i am kind of obsessed with how the pictures turned out… Continue Reading…

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baby must haves, 9 month edition

August 14, 2016

baby must haves
a friend of mine is having her first baby (so excited for her) and i told her i would send her a list of all of my baby must haves, but i figured why not do a blog post to share some of my favorites. i posted a list awhile back (here), after rowan was born, but here is the “9 month edition” of my most recent baby must haves.

oak & navy bibs
i randomly ordered these on amazon awhile back and they are now my major baby must have. not only because they are cute, but because they are also so absorbent and hide yucky drool.

rosie pope onesies
of all the onesies out there for babies, rosie pope makes my absolute favorite. they are affordable and have super cute graphics that are clever, cool and unique to the endless obnoxious graphics out there.

baby bjorn travel crib
this little crib has been amazing for us, especially since we are always on the go. we take it with us everywhere. we bought it for alexa when she was a baby and we have now used it for all the kids.

zolli on the go formula/snack dispenser
my friend suzanne sent me this when rowan was born. i have used every kind of formula dispenser out there and this one is the best. its easy to use and carries a lot while staying sim and compact.

cloud b lamb baby soother
this is another one of those items we purchased for alexa and have used for all three kids now. we travel with it and use it every night. there are a lot of sound machines out there, but i love that this one is cuddly and attaches to the crib.

lollaland playmat
forget all other playmats… this one rocks. it is well cushioned, reversible, waterproof and easy-to-clean. it is a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-slip protective alternative to nursery/playroom rug.

parasol diapers
i am planning an entire post dedicated to these amazing diapers, but in the meantime i had to add them into this list because i really love these new diapers and i recently left the beloved honest co. and switched over completely to parasol.

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desk ready #backtoschool

August 11, 2016

now that alexa and hayden are older our cute little “art table” doesn’t quite cut it anymore. i replaced it with a desk system–it really felt like the passing of an era. especially as the kids are starting school now and since alexa will be in first grade i have feeling homework is in our future! (at least i am not saying good bye to the little art table, i am saving it for rowan now!)

after much deliberating on the right desk system (and many hours on pinterest) i ended up choosing an industrial wall desk unit for the kids from restoration hardware. Continue Reading…

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#makemesses with the laundress

June 21, 2016

i’m a bit of a neat freak… which is kind of odd since i am a “create,” but i really don’t like a mess. i have a hard time letting go of that as a parent… i am always trying to contain the messes to corners in our apartment, but with three kids in one apartment in nyc, it is pretty hard.

the laundress approached me to collaborate with them on one of their initiatives and i was excited to jump on board, not only because its for a good cause, but also because i really love their products Continue Reading…

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the ultimate #lifehack: plum print

April 3, 2016

i blogged about this awhile back, but i felt compelled to write again about how amazing plum print books are.

the amount of art that children create is actually beyond what i thought was possible. seriously. i am not sure what my mom did with it all, having had four kids. she tells me that when i was young she covered the walls of our garage with all of our art. well. that is clearly not an option for an nyc parent. i have a big white box where i keep all the drawings the kids made because, for me, the back of our front door is pretty much the equivalent of “wallpapering our garage,” and as you can imagine it fills up quick.  Continue Reading…

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first feeding

April 2, 2016

rowan takes the cake on the biggest baby in our family! i’m not quite sure how our little babes turn out to be in the 97th percentile across all categories, but they do. i am super thankful though because i suppose a little chunky is better than being afraid that he doesn’t eat enough! we just started feeding him baby oatmeal and some pureed veggies. i remember when alexa was 5 months old and we were given the green light to feed her, i was so excited until i started to feed her. seems simple to feed a baby but turns out that is not always the case. all alexa did was spit out the food and make faces. rowan, on the other hand, started eating as if it was all he ever knew to do. no mess, just mouth open and swallowed it down. hilariously cute.



we try our best to only feed the kids organic at home. rowan is on earth’s best organic sensitive formula, which we have loved so far. he just started eating happy baby oatmeal and earth’s best pureed veggies. earth’s best, happy baby products and stony field products have practically raised our family!