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a wintery must have for babies

February 14, 2016

it pretty much goes without saying that 7 a.m. enfant is a lifesaving brand for stroller-pushing city moms (and nannies) on the go. the WarMMuffs are one of my (and our nanny’s) favorite winter accessories.

it’s pretty genius to have gloves that attach to the stroller handle bar with velcro and keep your hands nice and toasty–plus they are roomy enough to still keep your gloves on if you want.
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baby must-haves!

December 5, 2015

whenever someone is having a baby–especially their first one–i always get asked for my list of must-have items. over the years some have changed and some have stayed the same. lately, i  can’t imagine living without the below items! hope this helps any of you expecting mamas out there–you can always add a couple to your holiday wish list! xx!

1. halo bassinet (this my first time using this and i LOVE it. the best part is that it sits right up against my bed so i can peek at the baby anytime. the swivel works really well too for when i have to pop out of bed.)
2. dock-a-tot (my new baby savior! seriously, best thing ever for a newborn!)
3. aden & anais swaddle blankets (i have 12 and seriously could still use more… they are the only blankets i will use)
4. skip hop onesies (these are awesome because of the way they snap open and you don’t have to squeeze a crying newborns head through–my babies do not like to be changed!)
5. weekend skinny sweatpants (i live in these right now–they still look cool enough to go out in so i don’t feel bad about being in sweatpants at all!)
6. s’well water bottle (nursing is HARD and requires lots of water and food, so be ready to attach a water bottle to your hip because you won’t have any free hands!)
7. dairy fairy (i’m not sure if its these supplements, but i have been taking them since rowan was born and i have had more luck breastfeeding this time than anytime before–and i had a REALLY hard time with alexa and hayden. i still can’t breastfeed exclusively, but i get to at every feeding and that is a first for me!)
8. state backpack and diaper insert ( i hate diaper bags, they are normally such a pain. i have switched to a backpack approach and i am loving it. i especially love my STATE bag because their mission is amazing. for every STATE bag purchased, STATE hand-delivers a backpack–packed with essential tools for success–to an american child in need)
9. bjorn bouncer (this has been on our must have list since day one–it is a life saver, even for when you just need to set the baby down to go to the bathroom!)
10. bugaboo bee (we love this stroller so much that we got our second one, after selling the first! not only is it a great city stroller because its so compact, but after using our first one for 3 years we sold it for almost what we bought it for!)
11. 7 a.m. enfant baby shield (this makes our stroller one big cozy cocoon, and when you have a newborn in the winter its so important to feel that they are warm and protected from the wintery weather.
12. baby sling (i’m really loving my new sling from sakura bloom. i have used many different ones–the ergo, the baby bjorn… but i like simple slings the best!)

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dressing up the walls with minted

July 26, 2015

minted x ladyandprince
since we have moved into our apartment i have had one large empty wall that i could not decide what to do with. we already have a large gallery wall in the hallway, so i didn’t want to do that again, but choosing a piece of art is a lot of pressure–and by the way, choosing one photograph is even harder when you are married to a photographer.

thankfully, one of my favorite go-to resources–minted–saved the day. not too long ago minted launched an art marketplace where independent artists and photographers prints are available for purchase (framed or unframed). nate and i both ended up loving a print called “holiday from real” by julie hawkins, a colourist from canada. Continue Reading…

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organizing little masterpieces

July 21, 2015

art book 1
if you are a parent, then you know how much artwork gets brought home from school… we have artwork from alexa starting at 6 months old from her day care classes! on top of all the standard “school” art, we also have art made at home as well as art from art classes! i love all the art they bring home, but the problem is what to do with it all. living the apartment life means we like to keep things clean and uncluttered, especially since we don’t have a lot of room… even if we had a house i am not sure we would have anywhere to put all the art!

yes, i know, these are silly parent problems, but they are problems none-the-less. thankfully it seems that for almost any existing problem out there someone with an entrepreneurial mind and spirit has found a solution–hence my new obsession with plum print! plum print was started by two (super genius) moms in new york who clearly felt the same pain point i felt and turned the pain point into a solution–a really painless one too! Continue Reading…

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tis’ the season for roadtrips… and snacks!

July 13, 2015

Roadtrip lxp 1
after almost 10 years of living in new york city we have finally taken the leap into being nyc car owner… some people shudder at the thought of this–we once did! the truth is i was the one fighting for it, specifically during the summer months. as most of my readers know, i am a bit travel obsessed and the thought of being trapped in the city for 3 hot months seriously stresses me out.

as far as planning for road trips, i still treat them very much like planning for a trip on an airplane. it’s all about preparation–which means, its all about snacks and technology! Continue Reading…

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15 tips for feeding your family healthfully…

May 16, 2015

nate and i are huge advocates of healthy eating… we believe in buying local and organic as much as possible and we believe good food is one of the best investments we can make for us and for our children. we also believe that the more we as a society demand higher quality foods, the more the supply will increase and hopefully some day the costs will go down. as a new yorker, it feels very mainstream to eat local and organic, but the second you leave and go to other cities and smaller towns you realize it is still not the status quo.

recently ivanka had her friend and certified health coach, maria marlowe stop by our office to give our team a lesson in how to shop healthy at a grocery store. it’s funny because before she arrived i had thought that i already knew a lot of what she would say and that it would be good to have a refresher–i was already pretty good at shopping healthy… i had once been vegetarian and vegan after all (before kids!). well, within the first 10 minutes of her chat i realized i still had so much to learn.

maria took us to whole foods and went isle by isle telling us how and how not to shop. i took so many notes that i came home and talked nate’s ear off about our eating habits for the rest of the night! maria had so much amazing info and insight… from how to pick the perfect avocado to noting some “healthy” foods that weren’t so healthy afterall.

so, i asked maria if she would put together some easy to follow tips for healthy family eating and she kindly obliged. hope you enjoy these as much as we did! Continue Reading…

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a princess cake how-to

April 28, 2015

this is maybe my greatest cake masterpiece to date! please note, i am not a baker and i need to take a class in baking… but, i am pretty proud of this nonetheless! it’s not as hard as you think… here are the details on how you can do it yourself! Continue Reading…

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meet, remodo!

April 6, 2015

remember when those “room in a box” kits your parents got you when you went off to college? i do! i have always loved getting new bedding and pillows–it a problem actually! i have missed that sort of novel simplicity in home decor. it’s funny, i kind of have that concept in other ways… like blue apron for example–i don’t have to think! all the blue apron ingredients and recipes come in a box and all i have to do is prep and cook! its just one less thing i have to worry about during the week! (BTW, if anyone from blue apron reads my blog i would like to request the same service for making kids lunches–ughhhh–so so hard to be creative!) anyway… when i was introduced to the ladies behind remodo i immediately was like–yes! they understand. Continue Reading…

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a chat with OKREAL

March 25, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.30.19 PM

i’ve been totally behind on blogging… life has been a bit crazy in the past couple weeks and i’ve been struggling catching up. i have a list of at least 10 posts that i am behind on. i had to share this piece from a really inspiring site called ok real. the site profiles women in all stages of their life–their values and what drives them. the founder, amy woodside, has gathered up profiles on so many inspiring women and i love how she brings out a real side… not your average interview, but something real. i feel honored to have been featured among the other woman, but more importantly, i am thankful that amy met with me and asked me the type of questions that pulled together such an honest feature that i am proud of. Continue Reading…