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snapshots on film

May 5, 2017

who knew a disposable camera would be so novel? i’ve blogged about this before, but we recently developed a new batch of photos so i thought i would post some of my favorites. i love how a bad photo can often be an amazing photo… i guess its truly in the eye of the beholder.

nate doesn’t think these are so great, but i love them because they are from alexa and hayden’s point of view. most of the pitcures turn out pretty awful, but i think these are pretty great.

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it’s been awhile…

April 10, 2017

it’s been awhile, i know. when people ask me if i still blog i kind of shrug and feel a little guilty. the truth is, life with three and my job has kind of taken over any of my free time. i’ve honestly relied on instagram to tell everyday stories… i feel like for many people, instagram has become more powerful than blogs used to be. when i do have free time, i tend to want to shut off and watch tv shows with nate and not thing. i’m actually watching season two of the americans right now, and not fully paying attention which just means i will have to watch the episode again–ugh. (it is amazing… our new favorite show!)

anyway, i thought i would do a recap of the past couple of months… quick, but bringing me back up to date.  Continue Reading…

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our adventures abroad…

November 26, 2016


normally, it takes me a bit to gather images and document a trip, but i felt it necessary to immediately write about our adventure to germany because, if i didn’t, i would potentially forget/block from my memory some of the dirty details. for those of you who follow me on instagram you are probably thinking it was a dreamy getaway with family… some of you may even have thought what rockstars we were for taking on this adventure… well, sorry to say we had you fooled. not intentionally of course, but simply because i didn’t photograph the doctors visit, the 24 hour stomach viruses and all the chaotic travel scenarios. i kinda wish i would have at least documented it on snapchat, but the truth is i didn’t have enough hands to manage that or enough time between each scenario! so… here goes, our 2016 german adventure, in all its glory…. Continue Reading…

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sweet greetings

September 28, 2016

every since alexa and hayden could crawl/walk, they have always greeted me at the door when i get home from work. its always been the best feelings and one of my favorite parts of my day… now that they are “big kids” they are often busy playing games or they decide to hide so that i come and find them (which is super cute too). now rowie has taken the lead in the role as “mommy’s door greeter” and it is absolutely priceless to see him crawling fast as he can till i can sweep him up into my arms. Continue Reading…

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my little mini me

February 12, 2016

everyone calls alexa “mini marissa” … even she calls herself that sometimes. the funny thing is, she totally is a mini me. i’ve realized as of late that she even kind of dresses like me–aside from her ridiculous aversion to buttons that has lasted for about two years now. when i try to convince her that buttons are fashionable and everyone wears them she very eloquently states that there is nothing wrong with buttons, but they are not for her (she won’t be caught dead in jeans so she wears leggings or tights everyday, whereas i could pretty much live in jeans). her color palette is even like mine… i.e. the blue tones seen in the images in this post. long gone are the days of the pink tutus and princess dresses… nate used to get so annoyed by the “princess” stage, but it is almost like it was here one day and then gone the next. Continue Reading…

real life

each little moment

January 31, 2016

these days life is pretty crazy… i started back to work two weeks ago so i am still acclimating to life as a working mom of three. people always told me that having three was the game changer… that it feels way harder than having two was. i can’t say i feel that way yet. above all i feel like i can’t imagine not having three… it feels more unbelievable to think that we ever considered just having two. my heart is just bursting with joy over our busy little family. the hard part is going through the phase where i have to make amends with myself for the time that i am missing at home with my new little baby.

i really love to work and i love my job. working in the fashion industry is totally chaotic and all encompassing, but i love it nonetheless. after ten years in the industry i’ve realized i am kind of addicted to the craziness that it is. all that being said, i forgot how hard it is to go back after spending time at home with the kids. when people ask how i am doing my answer is always “fine.” the thing is you just can’t think about it. i just have to push forward and not focus on being sad. i guess its a bit of living in a state of denial, but maybe denial is also a state of survival. once i get to work i am so busy that i hardly have a moment to think about missing him so the daytime isn’t all that hard. the hard part is when i get home and that damn subway ride that always feels about twice as long. i am so anxious to see the kids that i literally start taking off my coat and zipping down my boots on the elevator so that by the time i get to the front door i bolt over to the kids and swoop rowan up into my arms. that is the hardest part of my day… the moment i realize i missed another day with him.

the thing is, i know i am so blessed. we have a wonderful nanny who loves our little kiddos to pieces and i have a great job that i don’t dread going to and that allows me to give my kids a wonderful life… i’m not complaining at all, just thinking about how its just hard being a mom sometimes. its the best thing i have ever done–and the hardest.

for now, i am just taking one day at a time. i am relishing the moments i get with him… even when he is crying. or fussy. or up at 2:30 in the morning, and then again at 5. when he is on the verge of giggling. when he tugs on my finger. when snuggling him against me stops him from crying. when he looks up at me and smiles. all these little moments, moments that seem so easy to skip over or be frustrated by… instead of being sad i am choosing to soak in each little moment and choose joy.


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just another manic saturday

July 29, 2015

(i just love these lovely photos that nate captured of the kids…)
it’s been awhile since i just wrote about your average day… and honestly, i would do it more often if i could find the time, but this past saturday is one of those “average days” that i felt especially compelled to share–or at least document so that i can always look back and laugh.

last week i was sick…totally my fault. alexa got a stomach bug and i let her sleep with me and then i picked it up. stomach bug + pregnant = not a good place to be. i pretty much slept/tossed and turned for two days straight. thankfully by saturday i was on the mend–even though i was in a grumpy mood from lack of good sleep and overall achey pregnancy issues. we had a pretty busy saturday planned. alexa and i were going to the upper westside to go to a really close friend’s birthday party–an all girls hair, makeup and nails extravaganza that alexa was super excited about. hayden and nate were going to spend the afternoon on bikes and then we were all going to meet up and go out to dinner. simple, right? well… here is how it all played out…  Continue Reading…